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Angel of Darkness

Angel of Darkness

Series: The Fallen Series , Book 1.0
By: Cynthia Eden | Other books by Cynthia Eden
Published By: Kensington Publishing Corp.
Published: Nov 29, 2011
ISBN # 9780758242174
Word Count: Not Available
Price: $5.99
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Angel of Darkness (The Fallen Series) by Cynthia Eden - Romance>Fantasy

He Fell For Her
Nicole St. James was a nice woman. An innocent, pretty, twentysomething schoolteacher with her life ahead of her. But as the angel of death, it's Keenan's job to take that life away. So when a vampire attacks Nicole, Keenan is not supposed to snap and take out the vampire instead. It cost him his wings—but she's worth it.
Except when Keenan catches up to his pretty schoolteacher, she's not so innocent anymore. Hot red lipstick, tight black shorts and long white fangs—she's ready to kick the asses of anyone who helped turn her into a damn bloodsucker. Unless that ass is unusually shapely and attached to a certain fallen angel. Even with all of heaven and half of hell after them, someone will have to teach Keenan about the fun kinds of sin. . .
"Cynthia's on my must-buy list." —New York Times bestselling author Angie Fox
Praise for Cynthia Eden's novels
"Highly sensual and definitely dangerous." —Shannon McKenna on Hotter After Midnight
"A wickedly unique voice in paranormal romance!" —Larissa Ione on I'll Be Slaying You
"A fast-paced, sexy thrill ride you won't want to miss." —Christine Feehan on Eternal Hunter
Reader Rating:   5.0 (3 Ratings)
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Reader Reviews (2)
Submitted By: Hezzo on Jan 1, 2013
I loved this book. A Great Love Story. The Angel of Death saves a human from a Vampire but not in time to keep her from becoming a vampire. He loses his wings but gains love! If you like stories with opposites attract you'll love this book!
Submitted By: dozyllama on Feb 3, 2012
Brilliant! Cynthia Eden has once again produced a drool-worthy masterpiece. Well done, and thank you. Without authors like Cynthia we would be deprived of a brilliant Wordmeister.
Angel of Darkness
By: Cynthia Eden
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