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Great Hitting Pitchers

Great Hitting Pitchers

Series: SABR Digital Library , Book 3.0
By: L. Robert Davids, Editor | Other books by L. Robert Davids, Editor
Published By: Society for American Baseball Research, Inc.
Published: Apr 24, 2012
ISBN # 9781933599311
Word Count: 40,000
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Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Mobipocket (.mobi), Epub
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Categories: Sports & Recreations


Great Hitting Pitchers (SABR Digital Library) by L. Robert Davids, Editor - Sports & Recreations

First published in 1979, GREAT HITTING PITCHERS was one of SABR's early publications. Including the contributions of several members of the Society and edited by SABR's founder, Bob Davids, the book compiled together records and anecdotes about pitchers excelling in the batters box. Now updated for 2012, GREAT HITTING PITCHERS has been updated so that all tables include 1979-2012 data, and previous stats have been corrected to reflect the most recent updates in the record books. Joining the original chapters on pitchers hitting grand slams, pitchers' hitting performances in World Series play, and how the pitchers of no-hitters performed at bat in those games, an all-new chapter by Mike Cook explores the top hitting pitchers since 1979, including Mike Hampton, Micah Owings, and CC Sabathia.
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Hitting by Pitchers Since 1900
Top Game Batting Performances
Two or More Home Runs in a Game
Hurlers Hitting Grand Slams
Best Season Hitting Records
Career Batting Records
Pitchers as Pinch-Hitters
Basestealing by Pitchers
Advent of the Designated Hitter Rule
Batting by Pitchers in the World Series
Batting by Pitchers in All-Star Games
No-Hit Hurlers at Bat
Pitcher-Batter Briefs
Great Hitting Pitchers, 1979-2011
Active Pitchers
Great Hitting Pitchers
By: L. Robert Davids, Editor
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