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Hybrid: Forced Vengeance

Hybrid: Forced Vengeance

By: Greg Ballan | Other books by Greg Ballan
Published By: Lachesis Publishing
Published: Jul 12, 2011
ISBN # 9781897562659
Word Count: 67,800
    Omnilit Best Seller 
EligiblePrice: $2.99
Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Mobipocket (.mobi), Epub
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Hybrid: Forced Vengeance by Greg Ballan - Horror

Human/Esper detective Erik Knight has kept his bargain with the United States Government by functioning as an undercover operative and CIA Cooler for over two years. Erik has been using his inhuman abilities to clean up terrorist hotspots and break narcotics trafficking rings throughout the United States and countries with US political interests. While away on assignment, Erik’s life is shattered when he learns his wife died in a car accident. Though he attended her funeral and burial, Erik can still feel a subtle trace of his beloved in his mind.

Threats against the life of the French President's daughter by terrorists result in the grieving Knight being assigned to protect her. After he foils two attempts on her life, he discovers that the radical group accused of the act is not involved. He joins forces with the group's leader and discovers the termination order originated inside the beltway in Washington DC. As the CIA Cooler digs deeper he learns that there may be a connection between the assisination attempts, his deceased wife, and a threat against the entire planet from outside the solar system.
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Hybrid: Forced Vengeance
By: Greg Ballan
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