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Jerking Iron (A Bad Boyfriends Novel)

Jerking Iron (A Bad Boyfriends Novel)

Series: Bad Boyfriends , Book 3.0
By: Nya Rawlyns | Other books by Nya Rawlyns
Published By: PubRight
Published: Oct 24, 2014
ISBN # 9780990604822
Word Count: 77,004
Heat Index:     
EligiblePrice: $3.99
Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Epub, Mobipocket (.mobi)
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Jerking Iron (A Bad Boyfriends Novel) (Bad Boyfriends) by Nya Rawlyns - Romance>Contemporary

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Book 3, Bad Boyfriends Series

With his business empire under fire and ready to collapse, Kane and his partners turn to unlikely sources for help.

Nick Lopez is a wounded warrior, an undercover major crimes cop caught in the crossfire when he brokers a deal between competing rival Miami crime families. When his best friend, David Black, calls him for advice, Nick sees it as an omen. Sometimes it’s better to get out of Dodge and live, so he quits the force and heads north.

Jace McClune has seen and done too much as a vice cop. His last undercover assignment was his undoing, leaving him with an intervention but no resolution. Thomas Kane has friends in high places and when he hints the mob’s fingerprints are all over the attempts to take over his business, the precinct brass see this as a good way for Jace to get his head on straight with a babysitting job.

Jace and Nick pair up for a simple sting operation, but they soon discover that under the layers of betrayal and lies runs the threat of a new operation—one that takes the skin trade to new levels of perversion. Neither man is prepared for the mutual attraction that simmers to a rolling boil as it becomes clear that the only way they can cut to the truth is to allow Jace to sink once more into the dangerous underbelly of the city.

They’re about to find out why a man you can’t break is a man worth breaking…
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Sensuality Rating:   Not rated
Editorial Reviews:
From Multitaskingmomas Book Reviews
I give this a 5 Stars for the surprise in the twists and turns as well as applauding the author for upping the bar for her works. This is a different Nya Rawlyns who takes her readers to a complicated and intrigue-filled plot...
From Carly's Book Reviews
Well written, with a dramatic edge and dark plot line, JERKING IRON explores the underbelly of extreme BDSM practices and the human sex trade. With emotional characters, unexpected twists and steamy sensuality, this is one book you'll want to read with the lights on!
Right as I came to the conclusion I really didn’t have to give a shit what Jace McClune thought one way or the other, my woolgathering resulted in me missing a significant amount of whatever Douglas had been saying. When I finally tuned in, it was to the man dropping a bomb. “So basically what we need is for one of you to be Marshall’s next acquisition from Bad Boyfriends.”

McClune and I turned to stare at each other, then at Mike Douglas. David stood up and moved to sit next to the man who looked like he chewed engine blocks for breakfast. His eyes overly bright, David said, “Of course, Kane will provide all the resources at the agency’s disposal to train whichever one of one is most suited.”

I muttered, “Of course,” while McClune spit out, “Are you fucking kidding me?”

Douglas ignored the outburst and continued, “We’ll need to assess both of you carefully to see which one can carry this off convincingly. Marshall won’t move unless he is absolutely convinced he is getting cream of the crop. That’s not going to be easy.” He nodded in David’s direction. Apparently they were both on the same page.

After turning the idea over a few times, I suggested, “This might not be as hard as you think.”

McClune scraped the chair legs on the linoleum, turning to face me, his eyes gone hard and flat. There was something in his expression that catapulted beyond the normal wariness that went with the territory.

In deference to the cop and his experience, I observed, “You’re saying the money might have dried up. If this Marshall is having financial problems, he’s going to want more than just the escort.”

McClune slapped his hand on the table and growled, “The fucker’s going to want a client also, one who can bring in others with money to burn.”

I picked up the thought. “You pair an escort and someone with connections, then you have your man put out feelers to Marshall…”

Mike and David were both leaning forward, their hands clenched over their knees. Mike said, “I see where you’re going with this, gentlemen. Why don’t you two get together tonight and work out a game plan, while David and I set a few things in motion at our end to help us decide who plays which role.”

Mike stood, we all stood.

David said, “We have a guest apartment upstairs with two bedrooms.” He held out two sets of keys. McClune looked at it as if it was a rattler but he took it, his face a grimace of disgust.

At Mike’s questioning stare, McClune said, “So basically it boils down to who’s the better fucker.” With that the man stomped away muttering he was going to grab some shit from his car.

I looked helplessly at David and asked, “He does know it’s a gay escort service, doesn’t he?”

David was having trouble keeping a straight face, but he managed to say, “That’s why he was recommended. He got royally outed on his last gig. Kinda blew his operation with a couple choice missteps. He’s here to atone.”

I groaned, “Ah, good to know,” and silently thought, I am so fucked.
Jerking Iron (A Bad Boyfriends Novel)
By: Nya Rawlyns
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