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Lethal Pursuit

Lethal Pursuit

By: Kaylea Cross | Other books by Kaylea Cross
Published By: Carina Press
Published: Sep 16, 2013
ISBN # 9781426896347
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    Omnilit Best Seller 
Price: $3.99
Available in: Epub (non-DRM)
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Lethal Pursuit by Kaylea Cross - Romance>Suspense/Mystery/Thriller

Security Forces Lieutenant Maya Lopez is right at home in a war zone: she's been fighting all her life. A hard-won commission in the air force has brought her to Afghanistan, and if she plays her cards right, she could end up with an FBI job. It won't be easy, but that just makes her more determined.

Jackson Thatcher is a protector in all senses of the word. A pararescue jumper with Southern-boy charm, he easily captures Maya's interest, but her trust is another story. He's sexy, strong and caring, but she makes it clear she's no damsel in distress. She's never relied on any man, and she's not about to start now.

When Maya and Jackson become pawns in a radical warlord's deadly game, they find themselves on the run and must depend on each other if they want to make it out alive.

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91,000 words

Reader Rating:   0.0 Not rated (0 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   Not rated

"Try that again, and I'll break your freaking arm."

At the menace in her growled words and the way she wrenched his arm up behind his back, the drunk soldier beneath her abruptly went still. "Okay, okay, dammit. Lemme up!"

"Not a chance." Asshole. Security Forces Lieutenant Maya Lopez dug her knee harder into the back of his neck, pressing his face flat into the dirt while she secured his hands behind him with a plastic zip tie and pulled tight.

"Ow!" He twisted, only to stop when she leaned more of her weight against his neck.

She bent until her mouth was close to his ear. "You don't really want to mess with me right now," she warned softly. "I've just worked a twelve-hour shift that included taking down a bunch of insurgents trying to plant an IED in the road less than five miles from here." And the chatter said more activity was imminent, maybe even more attacks on the base like there had been before Thanksgiving. Everyone was extra vigilant these days. "Don't make me kick your drunken ass all over again, because I promise you, this time I won't be so gentle."

The man grunted, his face sweaty and red, but wisely decided not to fight. The sweet reek of alcohol poured from his skin. Had he been bathing in beer, for Christ's sake? The alcohol ban on base hadn't stopped him and his buddy from hoarding their stockpile.

Satisfied he would stay on his belly this time, Maya pushed to her feet. She rolled her shoulders to ease the soreness from where his elbow had caught her in the middle of her back during the initial scuffle. Her right hand was already banged up from her altercation with the insurgents earlier. If she hadn't been ready for it, this guy might have knocked the wind right out of her instead of merely nailing her between the shoulder blades with his elbow. Her cheek throbbed from where he'd managed to catch her with the edge of his hand in the struggle. It proved danger didn't exist exclusively outside the wire.

Beside her, Randall, the other Security Forces member she'd been paired with for this shift, hauled his own impaired suspect to his feet and looked at her with amusement. "You need a hand?"

"No." The bruise on the front of her ribs from when she'd blocked an insurgent's kick a fraction of a second too late ached with each breath she took. He pride hurt worse though. She'd underestimated the slender, quiet teenager when she'd taken him into custody. A constant reminder that she couldn't afford to ever drop her guard, though she'd surprised the hell out of him when she'd suddenly taken him down. This drunk guy too.

"Didn't look like it, but thought I'd ask," Randall said with a chuckle.

Pausing only long enough to brush the dirt off her ACUs, Maya reached down and unceremoniously hauled her prisoner to his feet. The man stumbled and weaved a moment before finding his balance. His blood alcohol level had to be off the charts. Facing a possible discharge or criminal charges would sober him up quick enough.

"I didn't do nothin' to deserve being arrested," he grumbled, his words slurred.

"You got drunk, started a brawl in the middle of the MWR and busted someone's face open," Maya shot back. "Then you resisted arrest and tried to tangle with me. Now do us all a favor and just get in the vehicle without causing any more problems." She gripped his beefy upper arm and forcefully steered him to the waiting Humvee she'd just ridden in on. Stuffing him in the back beside his buddy, she slammed the door shut and climbed into the passenger seat.

Randall slid behind the wheel, wearing a big grin.

Lethal Pursuit
By: Kaylea Cross
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