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Once Upon a Valentine: All Tangled Up\Sleeping with a Beauty\Catch Me

Once Upon a Valentine: All Tangled Up\Sleeping with a Beauty\Catch Me

By: Leslie Kelly | Other books by Leslie Kelly
      Michelle Rowen | Other books by Michelle Rowen
      Stephanie Bond | Other books by Stephanie Bond
Published By: Harlequin
Published: Feb 01, 2012
ISBN # 9780373796670
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Price: $3.99
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Once Upon a Valentine: All Tangled Up\Sleeping with a Beauty\Catch Me by Leslie Kelly, Michelle Rowen, Stephanie Bond - Romance>Contemporary

She had long, gorgeous hair

Summer Tomlinson always had a thing for Andrew Macmillan. Now that they're business partners--as well as bed partners!--Summer wonders if letting her hair down will catch him for good....

He sought a sleeping beauty

Historian Ashlynn Scott is seeking the fabled castle of Sleeping Beauty. But with just one kiss, she finds herself tangled up--and tangled in the sheets!--with a rogue adventurer. She might never want to wake up!

She was being chased by every man

Ginger Redman wanted to be irresistible, so she made a wish on a magic cookie. And the baked treat delivers--sending her sexy best friend, Stephen Fox, right into her bed!
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The sign read Welcome to Tiny, Tennessee, Population 1345.

Andrew MacMillan sighed and pulled his hand over his mouth--make that 1344. His father, retired veterinarian and widower, Barber MacMillan, had passed away sitting in a rocker on his front porch with a smile on his face. That was according to Red Tucker, his father's neighbor, accountant and best friend of seventy years who had found him the day before yesterday. Leave it to his father, Andrew thought wryly, to die as he'd lived--on his own terms.

Since Andrew's trip would be openended, to arrange the funeral and settle his father's affairs, he'd decided to drive from Manhattan to Tiny to have use of his car.. and to think. He and his father hadn't been estranged, exactly, just cut from a different cloth. The fact that Andrew's mother had died when he was a teenager hadn't helped matters. She'd had a knack for mediating father-son squabbles with sugary words and buttered biscuits. Without her loving lubrication, the men had clashed.

But when Andrew had decided to attend college in Ohio, his father hadn't held him back. Then again, he hadn't made the trip to attend graduation. And although he'd congratulated Andrew on landing a plum job with a big advertising firm in Manhattan, he'd never once visited in thirteen years.

On the other hand, Andrew hadn't been the best at visiting, either. He'd tried to make it back to the MacMillan farm for a few days every year around the holidays, but last year things had been too busy at the firm and he simply couldn't get away.

Regret ballooned in his chest, but he couldn't pretend a trip home over Christmas would've made a difference in their relationship. In fact, it might've made things worse, since Andrew's suggestions that his father sell the fifty-acre farm and move to a place he could better maintain were always met with cross remarks. By the end of a stay, their tolerance for each other seemed to wear thin.

"Visitors are like fish," his father had been fond of saying. "After a couple of days, things start to smell."

Andrew tried not to take offense at the fact that his father considered him a "visitor" in the house he'd grown up in. It was just his father's way.

He slowed as he drove into the downtown area of Tiny, which consisted of three entire blocks of the most diverse and unusual shops one could imagine: Bitty's Bakery, Tiny Hardware, Har-lowe's Musical Instruments, Tiny Town Grocery, West Drug Dispensary, City Hall, Dr. Berg, M.D., Flood Dentistry, Dolls & More, Shoes & More, Flowers & More, Watches & More, Biscuits & More, Books & More and...more. As customary, the shops' marquees featured personal messages to members of the community: "Congratulations, Wendy!"

"Happy Anniversary, Maggie and John!"

"Welcome, Baby Jenkins!" The windows touted Valentine's Day Sales.

Hadley's Funeral Parlor sat slightly off the beaten retail path, located in a freestanding former fast food building. No one seemed to notice or mind the drive-through window. Their marquee offered condolences to the Barber MacMillan family and the Sadie Case family.

Sadness tugged at him. Sweet-voiced Mrs. Case had been his third-grade teacher and had been around his father's age, he recalled. A generation of Tiny-ites was fading away as fast as the younger generation was moving away.

He wondered vaguely how long it would take to sell his father's farm, jokingly dubbed the Mane Squeeze Ranch by his dear mother, and preserved by his father for her sake. Years before, the adjacent state park had expressed interest in the MacMillan land because of the limestone...

Once Upon a Valentine: All Tangled Up\Sleeping with a Beauty\Catch Me
By: Leslie Kelly, Michelle Rowen, Stephanie Bond
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