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Series: A Demonkin Novel
By: Sean Hayden | Other books by Sean Hayden
Published By: Echelon Press LLC.
Published: Feb 08, 2011
ISBN # 9781590806838
Word Count: 79,967
    Omnilit Best Seller 
EligiblePrice: $4.99
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Categories: Fantasy Horror

Ashlyn Thorn was born different. Born with all the characteristics of a vampire, she lives in a world where vampires, elves, and werewolves work, play, and die side by side with normal humans. But everyone knows vampires aren’t born, they’re made. The only thing she wants is to know her true origins.

Ashlyn’s quest to discover the truth of her differences is all that matters. But with every answer, she uncovers more uncertainties. To make things worse she has found herself an enemy of the most powerful vampires of the city who fear her powers are too dangerous to let go unchecked.

Salvation comes at the hands of the government, or does it, who trains her in the ways that best serve their purposes. Ashlyn is torn between two worlds. She can either be a monster, or she can help destroy the monsters.
Reader Rating:   (7 Ratings)
Editorial Reviews:
From Jen Wylie, best-selling author of Jump
"A riveting story you do not want to miss."
From Kyra Dawson, The Scribe's Desk
"Written with a refreshing humor, Origins will have you laughing and then have you surprised and horrified in the next breath."
From Jenny Hilborne, best-selling author of No Alibi
"Brilliantly funny...engaging, humorous, easy to read, witty and clever."

Mary Elizabeth Thorn sighed as she layered the final stroke of her thirteenth coat of blood paint. The smell assaulted her nose and made her stomach turn. The combination of milk, lime, and blood became almost too much for her to bear. If she had chosen to summon a creature of light, the milk and lime would have sufficed, but in order to summon a demon, blood had to be spilt. The tome she had spent most of her savings on had been very specific.

She checked the lines of the pentagram painted on the marble tile she had laid herself in the center of the room and a smile formed on her lips. They lay perfectly straight with no overlapping of the perfect circle enclosing it, and now for the runes. This task made the others pale in comparison. The runes couldn't be painted on; they had to be cut from the paint itself. She grimaced at the pain in her knees as she rose from the cold floor beneath her and strode to the large bench against the wall of her work room.

The tome rested in its familiar place of honor at the very center of her altar and worktable. She remembered building it oh so many years ago. Each copper nail driven with love, each board cut perfectly by hand without power tools, the blood, the sweat, and the tears that completed the dark recipe. Mary Elizabeth had chosen to follow the tenants of earth magery, but had succumbed to the promise of power only a summoner could deliver.

She gingerly picked up the silver carving tool and went to the northern point of the star, knelt down and began her grueling task. Hours passed as she carved the intricate runes into the face of the blood paint without scoring the marble. Only that level of precision could contain the demon, a perfect plane of marble below and the power of the runes around to encase the evil within.

The tome, having been written in ages past, bore only one flaw. When it had been penned, tiles of marble hadn't even been a fleeting thought in the minds of early masons. The tome called for a slab of marble to contain the spell.

* * *

Asmodeus sat on his throne and listened to the call. It had been many years since he had heard its ilk. While it had not been meant for him he heard it none the less. Asmodeus had fought many wars and answered countless challengers to be Lord of this Realm and as such obtained the power to answer any summons meant for his minions. He laughed at the feebleness of the call and plucked it from the air and held it in his mighty claw. He thought about tossing it away, then thought better. It had been eons since he had been allowed to cause havoc upon the mortal plane. Boredom overcame good sense and he traveled down the line of the summons.

He appeared in a blast of fire and smoke and looked around at his surroundings. Smells of blood, milk, lime, and spices assaulted his demonic senses. He lowered his gaze and noticed the small human woman staring at his greatness with fear and respect. He stood motionless and assessed the woman. She bore the marks of beauty as far as humans went, but the lack of horns and wings he found disappointing. He snorted as she stood and watched her walk to the edge of the circle.

"I have summoned you, vile beast, to do my bidding. What say you?" He could hear the fear in her voice as it infused her words with a perfume more enticing than the blood infused paint she had drawn her pentagram with.

Asmodeus glanced down at the circle cast thirteen times and found no flaw. An emotion akin to panic flashed through his mind. Never before had he seen its equal, and if he found himself truly trapped, he might be forced to answer the whims of the pitiful creature before him. Then he noticed the marble beneath him.

He looked up at the human and smiled. Lifting his taloned foot up to the level of his knee, he brought its mass down in one fell swoop. He laughed when he felt the marble shatter. He laughed harder when he saw the face of the human summoner. He felt the fear of his new toy.
Reader Reviews (8)
Submitted By: roseyzonfire on Apr 4, 2011
A wonderfully written book, with all the right ingredients for a spectacular continuation of the series! Hayden surprised me with his new twist on vampires and with such detailed writing and enticing plot it feels like I was right there through Ashlyn's struggles and quest for self discovery. A must read for those PNR readers!
Submitted By: BrighterScribe on Mar 15, 2011
Origins adds new lore to the vampire and "supe" mythos in a new & exciting way. This book is teeming with supernatural beings of all kinds & exposes us to a world where the supernatural is not only possible, but part of everyday life. Written with a refreshing humor, Origins will have you laughing & then have you surprised & horrified in the next breath. Origins will leave you wondering now that the foundations have been laid, where will Ashlyn go from here? Hopefully we won't have long to wait!
Submitted By: Ripling on Mar 1, 2011
First, I'm not typically a vampire fan. But this sounded fun (a 17 year old girl who drinks blood but doesn't think she's a vampire?) and it wasn't a long book so I took a chance. ORIGINS is a great tale, and I was surprised at how fast I read it. Sean Hayden has a gift for humorous dialogue, vivid settings and crafty storytelling. Can't wait for the next one!
Submitted By: QuietFury on Feb 25, 2011
I didn't think there were any new twists left for vampire books. Much to my delight, Sean Hayden proved me wrong. He brings a fresh approach to the often tired vampire tale. The characters are unique and wonderfully entertaining. The plot is suspenseful with a touch of humor to lighten to mood. I found myself fully immersed in Ashlyn's world and I enjoyed every minute.
Submitted By: Reba_ on Feb 16, 2011
Origins follows the life of Ashlyn, a seventeen year old girl who is no ordinary girl, but something else. What she truly is, even she doesn’t know. Learning more about herself and her supernatural abilities, is a central thread throughout the story. I found myself laughing out loud at the banter within the story. Hayden’s novel is not the typical vampire story, instead it introduces a new spin on vampires. I enjoyed reading it from beginning to end.
Submitted By: Firewolf on Feb 16, 2011
In a world where vampires are legal, Ashlyn is still a freak. She has claws and fangs and crazy powers she doesn't understand - and was born that way. She stayed hidden away from the world until a tragic accident forced her out into the night. Now she has to find out who, and what she is and learn to survive on her own. Though she has a little help from the FBI. Origins is a fun, fast paced, different take on the young adult urban fantasy genre. If you like vampire stories, you'll love Origins.
Submitted By: HDNich on Feb 12, 2011
While this is not my typical genre of books, on an overly used theme, this work is extremely well written. Origins is meaningful for a mature audience. Ashlyn is a strong character that could not be created yet "born". The wit and sarcasm are refreshing and enjoyable. The strength of the female protagonist is uncanny and humorous. Origins is a great read and a fun ride. I look forward to seeing what happens further with Ashlyn.
Submitted By: jen_wylie on Feb 8, 2011
Origins is one of those books you don't want to put down. I've read it more than once, and love it more each time. Sean Hayden has a knack for drawing you in and keeping the action going. With a unique twist on vampires this story is a must read for young and old, boy or girl. The main character pulls you into her life as she learns about herself; who she is, what she is. Her character grows, makes mistakes and learns. Origins is a riveting story you don't want to miss.
By: Sean Hayden
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