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Passion and Illusion

Passion and Illusion

By: Barbara Delinsky | Other books by Barbara Delinsky
Published By: HarperCollins e-books
Published: Oct 13, 2009
ISBN # 9780061042324
Price: $7.99
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Categories: Romance>Contemporary


Passion and Illusion by Barbara Delinsky - Romance>Contemporary

New York Times bestselling author Barbara Delinsky captures the magic and truth of love in this delightful tale, first published in 1983, of opposites attracting.

A controversial Boston radio talk-show host, Monica Grant is a strong, willful, and independent woman. She wants an equally strong man. Someone like the heroes in the romance novels she's addicted to ... someone like Michael Shaw.

A cop with the heart of a poet, Michael is looking for that special someone, too -- an old-fashioned, feminine woman. And for some reason he thinks Monica just might be the one. By turns infuriatingly chauvinistic and irresistibly attractive, Michael demands something from Monica that she doesn't know if she can give -- or even wants to. With Michael, can she find the happy ending of her own love story?

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Monica Grant reached for a final book to add to the stack in her arms. She picked it up, skimmed the back-cover copy, then replaced it on the shelf. It was set in the Caribbean. She'd already chosen one story set there, plus several others that were set abroad. No, she mused, pensively studying the display before her, she was in the mood for something American, something contemporary, something dramatic. She pondered two other books before settling on a third and tucking it into the crook of her arm with the rest. Then she stole a glance to either side of her.

To her relief the aisle was still empty. The bookstore itself was nearly deserted. There was a browser one row to the left in Games and Hobbies, another two rows to the right in Psychology, and several others scattered along the far Non-Fiction rack, She had Romance all to herself.

With a smile of satisfaction she snapped up a magazine to camouflage the selections nearest her heart, then at a more leisurely pace she ambled toward the best-sellers. A first and a second, each by authors she hoped to interview during their forthcoming publicity stops in Boston, topped the pile. Then, with another cautious glance around, she headed for the cash register.

Luck was on her side. There was only she and the clerk, a studious-looking young man who tactfully rang up her sales without commenting on either her choices or the sheepish look she was trying so hard to suppress. She half-wished he'd ask, then she might tell him the tale of her friend in the hospital who was hopelessly addicted to love stories. But he didn't ask, and she left well enough alone.

It was only when the books were all safely tucked into a bag and hidden from public view that she dared look the clerk in the eye. "Thank you." She smiled more comfortably.

He nodded. "Come again." "I will," she said and knew that she would. Next week, next month, the month after ... whenever her supply ran out, she'd be back.

Clutching her treasures to her breast, Monica stepped out into the bright midmorning sunshine, took a deep breath of pleasure, and turned to head for home. But just as quickly the breath was knocked from her lungs when a body barreled into her, throwing her against the concrete wall of the building. Stunned, she slid to the sidewalk, oblivious to the shouts around her until one deep voice came through, close by her ear.

"Are you all right, miss?"

She gasped in the struggle to catch her breath but didn't move from where she sat slumped against the wall, her legs curled beneath her, her arms gripping herself and her belongings protectively. Her head was bowed, sending curled ribbons of light brown hair cascading over her face like a screen, behind which she slowly regained her composure.

"Miss?" The deep voice came again, and a gentle hand drew back her hair. "Are you hurt?"

Eyes still closed, Monica shook her head.

"I don't think so," she whispered, but already she felt a stinging in her forehead, another in her shoulder.

"Can you stand up?

Again she shook her head. "Give me a minute."

Her rescuer held her arm lightly as he reached into his shirt pocket. "Here, press this to your head." Without a pause he did it himself. "You've scraped your temple. It doesn't look serious. Anything else hurt?"

Lifting a shaky hand, she relieved his hand and pressed the handkerchief to her temple. "My shoulder." Only then did she open her eyes to examine the damage herself. It might have helped if it had been winter and she had been bundled up to the hilt. But this was the middle of June, it was hot, and she wore a bare sundress that had offered no protection when she'd hit the wall.

Passion and Illusion
By: Barbara Delinsky
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