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Since the Surrender

Since the Surrender

By: Julie Anne Long | Other books by Julie Anne Long
Published By: HarperCollins e-books
Published: Jul 28, 2009
ISBN # 9780061341618
Price: $6.99
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Since the Surrender by Julie Anne Long - Romance>Historical Other

A man of action. . .

Fearless. Loyal. Brilliant. Ruthless. Bold words are always used to describe English war hero Captain Chase Eversea, but another word unfortunately plays a role in every Eversea's destiny: trouble. And trouble for Chase arrives in the form of a mysterious message summoning him to a London rendezvous . . . where he encounters the memory of his most wicked indiscretion in the flesh: Rosalind March—the only woman he could never forget.

A Woman of Passion. . .

Five years ago, the reckless, charming beauty craved the formidable Captain's attention. But now Rosalind is a coolly self-possessed woman, and desire is the last thing on her mind: her sister has mysteriously disappeared and she needs Chase's help to find her. But as their search through London's darkest corners re-ignites long-smoldering passion and memories of old battles, Chase and Rosalind are challenged to surrender: to the depths of a wicked desire, and to the possibility of love.

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Reader Reviews (1)
Submitted By: water_sprite on Jan 1, 2013
I don't know how she does it, Ms. Long always writes "just one more chapter" books that suck me out of the real world until I've read the whole thing. Since the Surrender is no exception. The hero, Captain Eversea, and the heroine, war widow Mrs. March have a history, tied together with her deceased husband, missing sister, and a charming street urchin. The romance is much more enjoyable than the intrigue, but it all wraps together seamlessly.
Since the Surrender
By: Julie Anne Long
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