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The Bodyguards' Princess

The Bodyguards' Princess

By: Ann Mayburn | Other books by Ann Mayburn
Published By: Honey Mountain Publishing
Published: Aug 04, 2013
ISBN # 9781301494903
Word Count: 48,552
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    Omnilit Best of Award Winner Omnilit Best Seller 
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Available in: Microsoft Reader, Mobipocket (.mobi), Epub, Adobe Acrobat
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The Bodyguards' Princess by Ann Mayburn - Romance>LGBTQ>B/T/Q

Lalita Chetana, daughter of a United Nations Diplomat, survived an attempted kidnapping by a terrorist group known as the anarchists. She has a difficulty getting past the attack, and her father hires two bodyguards, ex-Marines Asher Epson and Kent Warne, to keep her safe and give her time to heal. Unfortunately, even their skills can't save her from an enemy determined to destroy her.

Hypnotized into stealing UN secrets, she is framed by the anarchists. As part of their plan to humiliate and break her father, they plant a hypnotic trigger that anytime she hears the word “bitch” she will become aroused to the point of pain. She is forced to flee and go into hiding with Asher and Kent. The men become unable to hide their real feelings for her after her trigger is hit and they have to relieve her of her sexual torment. Then men will have to fight to keep her long enough to clear her name and win her heart.

Warning: This book contains hot, dominant men who will do anything to please their lady including light bondage, spanking, public caning, and decadent ménages.

***This is a re-release of a previously published book. While it has been revised, no major changes were made from the original version.***
Reader Rating:   3.4 (8 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   
Editorial Reviews:
From Amanda~The Book Nympho
The Bodyguards' Princess is a unique story filled with suspense: terrorism, fugitives, hypnotism, and near death experiences. These aspects combined with the pure hotness of the main characters are wonderfully entertaining.
From Drea~JBP Reviews
There is clearly love between Lalita and her men, but there is also a vulnerability between them that keeps them from being to alpha. I have to say the way they care for Lalita and treat her as though she was the most precious on the planet warmed my heart and made me fall in love with them both.
From Maria~ Night Owl Reviews
The Bodyguard's Princess by Ann Mayburn is a scorching hot BDSM short story with a suspense subplot. The characters are intriguing, the dialogue is sharp and the action is well paced. I was also impressed with how Ms. Mayburn incorporated the different elements of the story.
Chapter One

Lalita Chetana tightened the straps holding her silver latex corset cinched around her ample cleavage. The lilac streaks in her waist-length black hair complimented her dark amber skin. Leaning over the battered sink, she checked her reflection in the cloudy mirror of the club while swaying to the heavy beat of the music pounding through the stalls of the bathroom.

While the Goth club had excellent mood lighting, the bathroom was lit with cheap overhead fluorescents that made her look as sweaty and tired as she felt. The metallic purple ring in her lip glinted dully as a scowl curled her black painted lips. Behind her, a perky blonde in a velvet Morticia Addams dress checked her reflection and fluffed her hair.

Something about the blonde struck her as off. Fixing her eyeliner, Lalita watched the woman in the mirror and tried to put her finger on it. The dress fit the atmosphere of the club, but the blonde bob and pink manicured nails didn't.

Obviously, she was one of the posers that came to the Goth club so she could brag to her friends at the sorority house about her walk on the wild side.

The blonde reminded Lalita of the girls that used to torment her in junior high when she first moved to the US from India. Dark skinned, with a bold nose and full cheeks, she stood out from her groomed and pampered classmates at the prep school. With no mother at home and in an entirely new culture, her natural shyness had transformed into a crushing self-doubt and depression. She hid the bullying from her father, he had more than enough to worry about, but she dreaded going to school every morning and facing the hissing whispers.

Later on that year, she found acceptance and a best friend in a confident girl with cardinal red and coal-black hair, named Kari. In gym class one day, Kari had taken it upon herself to cut down a bitchy group of girls that were tormenting Lalita about her thick eyebrows. That act of kindness elevated Kari to goddess status in Lalita's eyes. In the small group of Goth girls at her school, Lalita had found acceptance and a celebration of the things that made her unique. Over time, she had transformed herself from a scared little Indian girl into a Goth princess.

Something about the way the blonde watched her plucked at her nerves, and she finished dabbing at the running eyeliner. There was a hint of malice in those wide blue eyes that studied her every move and the slight smirk curving her bubble gum pink lips.

"Gosh, it sure is hot out there," the blonde said as she fanned herself, the long strands of her sleeves fluttering around her hand.
"Mhmm," Lalita replied, checking her teeth to make sure none of the black lipstick had rubbed off on them.

Moving closer, the blonde lifted a strand of purple from Lalita's hair, and smiled. "Your hair is pretty. Wherever did you get it done?"
Stepping back, Lalita removed her hair from the woman's hand. "I did it myself."

This chick was either drunk, high or hitting on her. Either way, she was not in the mood for any of it. Trying to scoot around her, she yelped when the blonde caught her hand in a surprisingly strong grip. Alarm bells went off in her head when the woman took out a loaded syringe out of her pocket and uncapped the needle with her teeth.

Not a poser. This woman wore her outfit as a disguise.

Grunting, the woman slammed Lalita into the wall and stabbed her in the arm with the syringe. Lalita's abrupt scream of shock cut off as the blonde threw her to the dirty bathroom floor and smashed her hand over Lalita's mouth, giving a cold grin. "Stupid bitch," the woman hissed. "Didn't the Sanjit ever tell you it was dangerous to go out alone?"

Burning in her veins. Whatever was in the syringe spread through Lalita's body like painful fire. The words froze her and a new level of panic set into her soul. This wasn't any ordinary pscyho. This woman knew who her father was. Fear sank its claws into her body and sweat broke out in a harsh sting over her skin. Why? Lalita tried to scream out from behind the woman's hand. Her struggles lessened as her body refused to respond to the order from her mind to fight.

Sitting back on her heels, the woman blew out a harsh breath as she lifted Lalita from the floor. "You can't be that ignorant. The Sanjit put my husband and people into prison. He must pay." Slinging Lalita's arm over her shoulder, she dragged them toward the exit of the bathroom. "Your death is going to be broadcast over the Internet as a lesson to those who would stand in our way."

"Anarchists," Lalita whispered in a garbled voice as her head dropped against her chest and her tongue stopped working. Unable to move her eyes, she watched the grimy floor of the bathroom turn into the dark polished wood of the main bar. Crimson, blue and lavender lights moved around on the shiny surface and her increasingly confused mind tried to find of a way out of this.
The blonde woman swore and shifted her grip as Lalita increasingly became a deadweight.

Dark wood turned to rough slate as they neared the entrance of the club. Desperately, Lalita tried to lift her head to find the bald bouncer that always guarded the front door. While they weren't friends, Lalita had been coming to this club for the past two years and he always let her in without having to wait in line. Being the daughter of a diplomat had some perks.

"Boy, you sure drank a lot tonight," the blonde said in a chipper voice as she hiked Lalita up with her arm around her waist. Head flopping, Lalita dangled like a marionette with broken strings.

"Let me help you," the bouncer said in a low rumble.

The world in her vision spun as the bouncer grabbed her and swung her into a cradle hold. The light from the chandelier overhead burned her eyes and she wanted to cry out in pain, but she couldn't even blink.

"No, that won't be necessary." The blonde's voice went from chipper to cold. "We have friends waiting right out front to drive us home. I don't want them to get a ticket for blocking the fire lane, so we’d better hurry."

Hands tugged at her, but the bouncer held her tight and tipped her head so he was looking into her face. "Lalita?" he asked and snapped his fingers in front of her eyes. Whatever he saw made him blanch and he yelled over his shoulder, "Call an ambulance!"

The blonde tried to rip Lalita from his arms, but he wasn't as easy to overpower as a 5'2 140 pound girl. "What the hell is wrong with you?" he thundered and shoved the woman back with one hand. "Lalita's in trouble. She has no pupil response. She needs to get to the hospital."

Loud voices echoed in the foyer around her as people spilled in from the main section of the club in a flurry of leather and latex. The room spun again as he turned to shout to someone. Lalita had a brief glimpse of the blonde's furious face as she melted into the crowd and pushed her way out the front door.

"Lalita!" Kari screamed and grabbed her hand. Unable to find Kari, Lalita lay helpless in the bouncer's arms and wept without making a sound.
The Bodyguards' Princess
By: Ann Mayburn
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