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The Devil's Delilah

The Devil's Delilah

By: Loretta Chase | Other books by Loretta Chase
Published By: NYLA
Published: Nov 30, 2012
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Categories: Fiction


The Devil's Delilah by Loretta Chase - Fiction

"One of the finest and most delightful writers in romance." –Mary Jo Putney

The classic traditional Regency from New York Times bestselling author, Loretta Chase, is back...

What's a girl to do, when her father, known as Devil Desmond, is one of the most infamous rogues in all of England? Delilah Desmond is not happy. To provide for her, her father has sold his memoirs, filled with scandalous and embarrassing exploits—effectively ruining her chances for a suitable marriage, so she can support her family while saving her father from disgrace.

But it seems the manuscript is in demand by all sorts of unscrupulous persons, and preventing its publication is going to be impossible; especially now that it has been stolen. Can the hot-tempered Delilah and her very unwilling accomplice, absent-minded, bookish, Jack Langdon with his soft grey eyes and tousled hair, salvage the disaster? It appears that deceptively quiet Jack may have a core of steel—and be the one man smart and strong enough to be the hero she'd been hoping for all along.

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The Devil's Delilah
By: Loretta Chase
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