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The Maverick's Summer Love

The Maverick's Summer Love

By: Christyne Butler | Other books by Christyne Butler
Published By: Harlequin
Published: Aug 01, 2013
ISBN # 9780373657575
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The Maverick's Summer Love by Christyne Butler - Romance>Contemporary

USA TODAY bestselling author Christyne Butler visits Rust Creek Falls, the setting for the popular Montana Mavericks: Rust Creek Cowboys continuity, in a sexy and emotional romance that is sure to capture readers' hearts!

Rust Creek Ramblings

The Great Montana Flood has brought all sorts of interesting menfolk to Rust Creek Falls. At the Ace in the Hole, they're all talking about hunky out-of-towner Dean Pritchett. They say the green-eyed carpenter from Thunder Canyon is in town to help rebuild the elementary school. But we've got the inside scoop!

Rumor has it that Dean has a special interest in our Shelby Jenkins. Yes, that Shelby Jenkins--the single mom who found herself in a "family way" back in high school. She's been fending off the town gossip forever, but Dean actually got into a fistfight trying to defend her honor! Sweet Shelby fears his love won't last. Just what are your intentions, Mr. Maverick?

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"Well, aren't you the picture of domestic bliss."

Dean Pritchett didn't look up from his e-reader. Even though his most recent download was an old favorite he'd already read numerous times, there was no need. He had a feeling his brother wasn't done yet.

"Hmm, you seem to be enjoying that spin cycle a bit too much," Nick continued, his voice laced with typical sarcastic humor. "I think you've been cooped up in this trailer too long, little brother."

Shifting his weight as the decades-old washing machine beneath him finally switched into high speed, Dean stayed put despite his brother's teasing. He'd learned the first weekend of staying in this government-sponsored mobile home that perching something heavy, like himself, on top was the only way to keep the appliance from dancing across the tiny laundry room's floor during the last cycle.

"You're just jealous because I got here first."

"I'd rather do my 'spinning' the old-fashioned way." Nick propped one shoulder against the open doorway. "And it's about time you did, too."

He finally looked up. "I'll pass. Thanks."

"Wrong answer, bud. That might've worked when Dad and Cade were still here, but now I need a new wingman."

Dean stared at his brother. He was the shortest of all the Pritchett kids, but built like a football player. All muscle. He had the same blond hair and blue eyes as their oldest brother and baby sister, unlike Dean who had inherited their mother's deep green color.

Nick also had the charms that made sure he was rarely at a loss for company.

"You haven't needed a wingman since you were fourteen," Dean said, "and came home with the phone numbers of three cheerleaders in your pocket. All seniors."

Nick returned his smile. "Yeah, those were the days. But if you think I'm going to let you sit here and stare at that gadget all night—" he snatched the tablet from Dean's hand "—you're wrong."


"At least tell me you're reading something hot like the latest issue of Biker Babes Gone Wild—" He peered at the screen, then guffawed. "Wait, The Collected Works of Jane Austen? That's chick stuff."

"Jane Austen is a literary giant," Dean shot back. "Her work is classic and timeless and she was Mom's favorite author. She gave me my first book."

"Okay, professor. At least it's not Shake-N-Stir."

The washing machine ended its run. Dean hopped down and reclaimed his e-reader, flipping the cover closed to put it to sleep. "That's Shakespeare, you doof."

"Whatever." Nick pushed away from the door. "Come on, it's time to put the books away and suck down a few cold ones. And change that shirt."

Dean looked down at his gray T-shirt with the big block letters stating REAL MEN READ. "Abby gave this to me at Christmas. And it's the last clean shirt I have."

Nick eyed the pile of freshly folded laundry before yanking a snap-front Western-style shirt still warm from the dryer and tossed it at him. "Here, put this on. Girls in Rust Creek Falls love cowboys."

Dean snorted. The Pritchett family had a working ranch back home in Thunder Canyon, about three hundred miles south of here, so technically they could be called cowboys. Lord knew he and his siblings had all worked the land alongside their father from the moment they could walk. And yes, he often wore a battered Stetson while he'd worked here in town to keep the sun out of his eyes.

But it was the family business, Pritchett &...
The Maverick's Summer Love
By: Christyne Butler
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