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The Trouble with Witches

The Trouble with Witches

By: Shirley Damsgaard | Other books by Shirley Damsgaard
Published By: HarperCollins e-books
Published: Oct 13, 2009
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The Trouble with Witches by Shirley Damsgaard - Fiction

Ophelia has always considered her psychic abilities an imposition, except for those times she's been able to put her paranormal talents to good use—like when a friend asks her to help find a missing teenager. Unfortunately it means she and Abby, her kindly, canny sorceress granny, will be taking to the road to pursue the vanished girl in the wilds of Minnesota.

The signs are pointing toward the secluded new age research facility of Jason and Juliet Finch, who live with their troubled—and possibly matricidal—thirteen-year-old niece. And a bizarre local murder that follows their arrival—plus the appearance of a mysterious Native American shaman—only emphasize the urgency of Ophelia and Abby's hunt, drawing them into a web of dark secrets and to the last place they'd ever wish to be: a cottage in the woods where true evil quite possibly resides.

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A big black spider sat on Mr. Carroll's shoulder, while a vein in his forehead throbbed as he yelled at me. He wasn't happy about the library's latest book order. He was sick and tired of all the smut. Each word was underscored by a constant jangling in the background.

Where was the sound coming from? My eyes left Mr. Carroll's face, searching for the sound, until the pounding of his skeletal fist caught my attention again.

My eyes traveled from his face down his body. The tendons in his skinny neck stood out as he screamed at me, and I could see his bony chest wheeze in and out. His ancient ribs, covered by thin, dry, almost translucent skin, expanded like a bellows with each breath. As my eyes traveled past his chest, I shuddered and said a silent thank-you that the counter prevented me from seeing the rest of his naked, eighty-year-old body.

Whoa—wait a second. What was Mr. Carroll doing in the library nude? And what was making that jangling noise?

My eyes shot open and I found myself staring at the darkened ceiling of my bedroom. Thank God, I was dreaming. But why was I dreaming about Mr. Carroll naked in the library? And why hadn't the jangling stopped when I woke up?

The phone, the jangling was the phone. My hand shot out to grab it, and in the process I knocked my alarm clock off the nightstand with a loud clatter. Queenie, my cat, who had also been sleeping soundly on the pillow next to me, gave me an indignant look and stalked off the bed. Lady, my dog, startled by the loud noise, gave a short bark.

I shoved a handful of dark brown hair out of my face and stared at the ringing phone as if it were a snake.

"What?" My tone sounded grumpy, but I didn't care. I didn't appreciate phone calls in the middle of the night, even though they did rescue me from an awful dream featuring a naked Mr. Carroll.

"Hey, know where I can find a good witch?" asked the voice coming from the receiver.

I stared dumbly at the phone. I'd recognize that voice anywhere—Rick Delaney, award-winning investigative reporter with the Minneapolis Sun, and a guy who'd almost gotten me killed last fall when he pulled me into his undercover investigation of a drug ring operating in our small town of Summerset, Iowa.

Closing my eyes, I pictured Rick in my mind. Dark brown hair, brown eyes to die for, and a crooked grin that turned most women to mush. I wasn't one of those women. At least, most of the time I wasn't.

"What do you want?" I asked suspiciously.

A chuckle rumbled over the phone lines. "Nice to hear your voice, too, Ophelia."

My eyes narrowed in the dark. "Oh yeah? If it's so nice, then—"

"I know. I'm sorry," Rick said, interrupting me. "I should've called, but I've been really busy. I heard you've been busy, too. Heard you helped catch Brian's killer."

I gripped the receiver in my hand. "How did you know about that?""I've still got contacts in Iowa. I heard the killer, Charles Thornton, came after you."

My grip on the phone tightened. Rick was right. Charles Thornton, the man who'd killed my best friend, Brian, five years ago in Iowa City, had found me in Summerset, where I'd moved after Brian's death.

Charles, a descendant of a judge who had served at the Salem witch trials, saw himself as a modern day witch hunter. And Abby and I were the ones he hunted. He convinced himself that we needed to die. His plan had been to kill me at the abandoned hog confinement facility and make it look like a suicide. After I was disposed of, he'd then go after Abby. I ruined Plan A when I got away from him, so he switched to Plan B—kill me and dump my body in the sewage pit. Luckily, after a struggle, it was Charles who wound up swimming in the hog...

The Trouble with Witches
By: Shirley Damsgaard
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