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What Happens Between Friends

What Happens Between Friends

By: Beth Andrews | Other books by Beth Andrews
Published By: Harlequin
Published: Aug 01, 2013
ISBN # 9780373718665
Price: $3.99
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What Happens Between Friends by Beth Andrews - Romance>Contemporary

Friends...with benefits?

For Sadie Nixon, life is one big adventure with something new around the corner. And anytime she needs a break, she can always rely on James Montesano--the best guy she knows. This time when she arrives in Shady Grove, however, something is different. There's a little extra between her and James that has them crossing the line of friendship into one steamy, no-holds-barred night.

Afterward, no matter how hard she tries, Sadie can't erase the memories of James that way. He's so hot, so tempting.... But his life is here and hers isn't. She needs his friendship, but she doesn't do commitment. So where does that leave them? Suddenly what happens between friends is more complicated than ever!

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No, no, no.

Lightning flashed, a dazzling display that crackled the air with energy, made the hair on Sadie Nixon's arms stand up. Ten seconds later, thunder boomed, vibrating through her moving Jeep.

She leaned forward to look through the windshield at the rapidly darkening sky. Clouds rolled, merged together. A strong gust of wind buffeted the Jeep, had her fighting to keep it on the road. She pressed down on the gas, strangled the steering wheel. Please, don't do this to her. Not this time.

She passed the road leading to Knapp's Creek. Glanced out the driver's-side window. She wasn't going to make it. She could turn around, she thought frantically. She was barely in Shady Grove, had just passed the city limits. She'd head west, maybe spend the night in Pittsburgh then come back tomorrow.

It was a good plan--and for someone who preferred to let life happen to her instead of bending it to suit each situation, that was saying something.

Yep, it was a solid plan. And it probably would have worked...if she hadn't run into Jessica Gardner at Miranda's Market. Jessica wasn't a gossip, but what were the chances she wouldn't tell anyone she'd seen Sadie a full day before she'd returned to her hometown?

Probably somewhere between zero and in Sadie's dreams.

She didn't have a choice. She had to keep going. Maybe, if luck was with her, the wind at her back and all that jazz, she would make it to her destination before it rained. Or, better yet, the clouds could pass right over Shady Grove, just...keep going. Wait to unleash their fury on some other unsuspecting town.

Yes, that was it, think positively. She'd use the power of her mind and her good intentions to keep the storm at bay.

She could have sworn she heard the Fates laugh in delight--seconds before the sky opened and a torrential rain came down so hard, so fast, the drops bounced off the hood, sounded like rocks hitting the roof.

Stupid Fates.

Scowling, she continued down Case Boulevard, her fingers tapping the steering wheel to the beat of Mumford and Sons' "I Will Wait." The dark seemed to swallow the beams of her headlights before they could do more than reflect the next twenty feet or so. Her windshield wipers put up a valiant, yet pretty much useless battle against the downpour as she sped along the familiar road.

It was coincidence, of course. One of those freakishly weird anomalies that had a thunderstorm appearing as she happened to return to town for the first time in three years.

Just as it was coincidence, and only coincidence, that had some natural disaster occurring every time she returned home.

Every. Single. Time.

Rainstorms. Floods. Hail. A tornado. And that memorable freak spring blizzard when she'd driven in from Dallas back when she'd been twenty-two.

Maybe the Fates could hit the town with hordes of locusts or an earthquake next time. Just to mix it up a bit. All these rainstorms were getting predictable.

And she hated being called Cyclone Sadie.

Oh, and of her grandmother genuflecting every time Sadie came to visit.

Jeez, an ancient tree limb happens to fall onto her gram's beloved Cadillac at the exact same moment Sadie knocks on the front door for an impromptu visit and suddenly Sadie's the spawn of Satan.

Bringing evil omens.

Which was ridiculous. There were no such things as omens--evil or otherwise. Sure, a person could follow the signs, but Sadie preferred to trust in her own instincts. So when those instincts had told her to get the heck out of Dodge--or in her case, New Orleans--she'd packed up her worldly belongings and...

What Happens Between Friends
By: Beth Andrews
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