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Shared by Vampires

Shared by Vampires

By: Layla Cole | Other books by Layla Cole
Published By: Layla Cole
ISBN # LLCLXX0000005

Word Count: 5295
Heat Index      

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Epub

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About the book

When vampire Doms Jonathan and Eric get their hands on a new sub, they are eager to break her in. Rose made it through her first night with them, but will she be able to handle it when they take her for the first time?

An excerpt from the book

Rose woke up early that day, dazed and a little disoriented. Eric and Jonathan, her new masters, were curled around her, their legs thrown carelessly over her own. If it weren’t for the scent of sex that still lingered in the air and the way her ass stung, she might have thought she was dreaming. And of course, there was the bite mark on her wrist. She rubbed the matching mark on her neck absently, wondering again at what a strange turn her life had taken.

Rose closed her eyes and tried to get her bearings. Eric and Jonathan were vampires. She’d agreed to become a Blood Donor for them because she needed the money—at least, her family did—but there was a catch: Eric and Jonathan were Doms who were looking for someone to share their bed and submit to them completely. Last night, in a trial of sorts, she’d sucked them off, been spanked, and come harder than she ever had before when they fed from her. Until then, Rose had doubted her ability or desire to be a submissive, but not anymore. For a moment, Rose thought of Jonathan’s rumbling voice issuing commands and the way Eric’s eyes had devoured her while she sucked his cock, and she shivered. She’d loved every minute of it and couldn’t wait to do more…

Vampires couldn’t go out in the daylight, but would they sleep all day? Rose bit her lip, wishing she knew more about them. If only she’d done a little more research before she accepted the job…Cautiously extricating herself from between the two men, she attempted to slip out of bed.

She jumped as Eric’s hand shot out and pulled her back against his chest. “Leaving?” His voice was a sleepy murmur that rumbled through her chest.

“It’s morning - sir,” she added quickly, hoping he wouldn’t notice her lapse. Clearing her throat, she said, “I thought you might sleep all day…?”

Her laughed softly. “I won’t keep you, sweetheart.” He nibbled at her neck, his fangs scraping across the mark he’d made just a few hours go. “Jon and I left you some instructions on the dresser. I just want to make sure you see them.” Eric released her and swatted her ass playfully, making her jump. “Enjoy your free time,” he said with a yawn. “We’ll need you well rested tonight.”