Dressing like a Man. Effective Steps and Guidance

When did it become a trend for men to dress like boys? If you go out there and go look at a 5-year old, a 25-year old, a 45-year old, they’re all wearing the same thing. They’ve got the running shoes on, they’ve got shorts maybe jeans, they’ve got a t-shirt and they’ve got a baseball cap. It’s like they all coordinated all these together.

I’ll give the 5-year old credit because he was probably dressed by his parents, but the 25-year old, the 45-year old, what’s going on here? We’ve got a whole generation of men that don’t know how to dress. They don’t know how to dress like a man.

In this article, courtesy of Roses Only, I am going to discuss the top seven steps to start dressing like a man.

1. Dress with intention.

This is key, you’ve actually got to change your mindset, you’ve got to think about “I’m putting clothing on my body, what message am I sending?” A lot of these guys are going to say “I’m a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy, this is my style.” No, it’s not. You are in a fashion trend and you don’t even know it because if you look around, all these other guys are doing the same thing. You just simply haven’t thought about it. And, it’s okay because most men haven’t thought about who they are, where they’re going, and where they want to end up. Very few have actually thought about how style, image, and presentation can help them get there.

You want to use style to your advantage. I’m not talking about jackets or suits. I’m talking about whatever you wear, you’re sending a message. If you work in a blue-collar industry, then wear a uniform that signals trust that’s going to get people to open the door so you can get more business. It’s about dressing with intention.

2. Have the courage to lead.

Have the courage to be the best-dressed man in the room! This is tough sometimes because many of us don’t want to stand out. We’re not used to standing out. But, if you want to be successful, if you want to be at the top of your game, you’re going to stand out and you got to get used to it.

If you want to be the leader, look to what the leaders are doing in and around your industry, maybe also in other industries that you admire and say “You know what? I’m going to emulate them. I’m not at that level yet, but I’m going to start to take the steps. I’m going to have the courage to lead!”

3. Practice and practice

It is exactly what it sounds. You dress well even when you don’t have to. You want to practice wearing that clothing because then it becomes second nature. You get used to it, you feel good in them. Practice and incorporate that into your style.

4. Experiment and measure for yourself.

Go and check out what other people are wearing, but you need to experiment and measure for yourself. Because it’s going to have different effects. You’re going to want to make adjustments to what I’m talking about. But, when you can see for yourself that “Yes,
I do start to earn more.” When you see at the bottom line of your paycheck that you got that raise that if you’re in sales, that you are able to sell more, all of a sudden this can have a measurable effect on you and you make style yours.

5. Build your core wardrobe.

Your core wardrobe is your inner wardrobe. If you can imagine concentric circles, this is what everything is built off of. The key here with your core wardrobe is that it just going to make you look good. It’s not about drawing attention to itself, so that’s why you go with the solid colors.

  • For the shirts, whites maybe light blues, then you can bring in variations.
  • For your suits, you would go with navy blue, charcoal gray, maybe medium gray, but you’re not going to bring in any patterns. You’re not going to go with the light gray with a pink stripe. That is maybe a great looking suit, but it’s too memorable. It’s not going to be interchangeable.
  • If you’re building up a blue-collar wardrobe, in that case, you want to have a uniform, you want to have enough for a week so you won’t have to actually wear dirty ones if you’re sweating a lot for example.

6. Buy the best you can afford.

A lot of guys go out there don’t want to spend more than $100 on a suit, but they’re going to go spend $1,000 on a big screen television. Come on, guys if you are starting your career, you’ve got to have priorities. That’s a suit. What people see is what they’re presented with. You want to make sure that you’re putting your best foot forward and that you’re budgeting enough for your wardrobe.

7. Own less, love more.

It may take you years to build a wardrobe, but as a man, you need to realize your priorities. You need to present to the world what kind of man you are. And that’s why you should invest in your wardrobe and love the dressing items you’ve bought over the years. If you find some of them are simply out of trend or don’t feel comfortable wearing them, replace them with something you love and put your best foot forward. Not only will it raise your self-confidence and esteem, but also you make a better image and become more effective.

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