Do I Need a Lawyer if I Don’t Have Car Insurance?

Getting into a car accident is already a terrible experience in and of itself. Even when you know you were completely innocent, and that all expenses will be compensated, you can still quickly become overwhelmed by the stress. However, a collision is so much worse when you do not have the protection of car insurance.

A lack of insurance is harmful to plaintiffs who find themselves injured or with damaged property after a collision, but it’s far worse for defendants. Without insurance, you may be responsible for paying back the damages you caused out of your own pocket. In addition to softening the blow of these potential consequences, here are a few reasons why you need a car accident lawyer in the absence of auto insurance.

Plaintiffs vs. Defendant: Experiencing a Car Accident Without Insurance

Depending on the state you’re in, as well as the nature of the accident, it can be difficult to assign liability for a vehicle collision. At times, it’s not always as black-and-white as one driver having total liability while the other has none. As the victim of a car accident, you may still be found partially responsible for the collision. The degree of liability you’re assigned plays a direct role in your ability to receive compensation after a crash. Fortunately, in the best-case scenario as a victim, assuming that the negligent driver is insured, you can recover the necessary funds via their insurance policy.

Things become more complicated if you were the one responsible for the crash, however. If the other party was injured and you do not have insurance, they may still be covered under their uninsured motorist policy. Although, if they are also uninsured, then you both face severely limited options for financial recovery. This can be rectified with the assistance of a lawyer. By investigating your case, a lawyer may be able to reduce the fees associated with resolving the incident. They may even be able to demonstrate liability on behalf of the victim, freeing you from the obligation of paying the original proposed settlement.

Additional Factors to Consider After a Collision Without Auto Insurance

The avenues through which you will be able to provide financial compensation to the victim is not all you have to think about, though. The two most important aspects of an auto insurance policy are:

  • Your insurer’s duty to defend you.
  • Your insurer’s duty to indemnify you and/or the victim.

Without these protections, you are then responsible for hiring your own legal help and providing compensation for the injured parties on your own. If you do not have the means to provide full reimbursement to the victim, the consequences only get worse from there. Your wages can be garnished, your home may be foreclosed, and you may face other collections tactics in efforts to provide the victim with their rightful compensation.

With the guidance of an expert car accident lawyer, you may not have to experience these consequences. A lawyer will do their absolute best to ensure that all fees associated with the incident are as low as possible and that all evidence is represented fairly and accurately. Whether you are a victim or the guilty party, get in touch with a car accident lawyer today to get the most legal protection possible in these unfortunate circumstances.

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