Five Unusual Chocolates You Need To Try Now

Chocolate is one of the leading sweets that have millions, if not billions of fans around the world. With its rich, centuries-old history and wide range of applications, it was easy to guess that it would attract the attention of scientists. That is why the benefits of chocolate today are undeniable, but if you want it to have the best possible effect on your body, it is worth finding out which chocolate is the most useful.

All kinds of chocolate include cocoa butter and grated cocoa. Their percentage determines the health benefits and harm caused by chocolate. The dosage is also necessary: if you overeat of it and systematically, the health benefits will be lost. To find the right side of it, it is worth understanding all the advantages and disadvantages.

Pros & Cons Of Chocolate

Of course, the benefit and harm of chocolate is a subject of debate and much scientific research. After all, it is the most prominent and beloved by many sweets, which has a wide variety of options with thousands of supplements and is a component of many recipes and cakes.

The advantages of chocolate for the human body are an undeniable fact. Each species has its effect, but it makes no sense to deny the beneficial impact because it not only removes toxins from the body but also strengthens blood vessels, normalises blood pressure and raises your mood. And that, by the way, is not all areas where chocolate is beneficial.

People do not like to talk about the harm of chocolate, but sometimes it causes not the most pleasant effects, affecting the skin, digestion, sleep and cardiovascular system. There are also occasionally allergic reactions, but this is also not the most common problem. The main thing is that this dessert provokes the deposit of extra fat. And all this happens for one reason only – uncontrolled consumption of a sweet delicacy. It’s only by eating the daily norm that it’s useful. However, if you are a sweet tooth that knows the limit in the use of chocolate, it’s time to treat yourself with unusual flavours of chocolate that are definitely worth your attention. Here are five unique chocolate flavours you need to try out.

Chocolate With Green Tea

Today, when you come home tired after a hard day’s work, you can drink a cup of tea and enjoy the taste of chocolate made from tea! Japanese masters have created chocolate with the addition of ‘matcha’ tea, pounded to powder. The bar has a green colour, unique tea aroma, and tart taste so that lovers of Japanese culture will appreciate it. But what is useful in such chocolate, you may ask?

Green tea has a high content of vitamins such as C, P, A, E, K, B vitamins, as well as micro and macro elements such as manganese, chrome, zinc, selenium, calcium, iron, potassium. It also contains at least 17 different amino acids, so eating a few pieces of this delicacy a day, you not only enjoy the taste and cheer yourself up but also get invaluable benefits for your health.

Chocolate With Seaweed

Russian confectioners decided to keep up with their Western colleagues, so they released chocolate with seaweed. According to the inventors themselves, the derivatives of cocoa beans and seaweed vegetation blend perfectly with each other.

Besides, such chocolate is a healthy treat due to the content of kelp, a natural source of iodine, which is useful for thyroid health and contains vitamins A and K, as well as calcium, iron, zinc, protein, vitamin B12 (rare in plants), omega-3s and much more. Studies show that sea algae help to restore hormonal balance, show good anti-inflammatory activity, reduce cholesterol, improve brain function, and maintain digestion in good shape.

Camel Milk Chocolate

Camel milk chocolate has been produced in the UAE, a country where camel milk is very much valued: not only cheese is made of it, but also ice cream, sour milk products, etc. But still, the most considerable interest was aroused by the miracle chocolate made of this ingredient.

An unusual delicacy is produced by a company whose representatives claim that such chocolate is healthier than traditional chocolate due to its low-fat content and high insulin content. Therefore, camel milk chocolate is suitable even for people that are subjected to diabetes.

Lavender Chocolate

American confectioners also decided to create chocolate with healing properties. Their main ingredient was lavender, which is known for its relaxing effect. Thus, by mixing chocolate and lavender, Americans managed to create a bitter dark antidepressant chocolate, which is quite unusual.

In addition to lavender, which gives the chocolate an incredible aroma and calming effect, it includes blueberries with antioxidant properties, raspberries, rosemary, lemon peel, clover, and cardamom.

CBD Chocolate

CBD chocolate is a healthy, tasty and inconspicuous way to get a daily serving of CBD oil. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is not only a non-psychotropic, non-addictive, legal, and safe component, but it also helps to reduce anxiety, stress, pain, improve mood and focus, and regulate sleep.

CBD is known to interfere with the body’s cell-signalling endocannabinoid system that is responsible for the most basic process occurring in an organism such as pain, stress, immune system, sleep, temperature, inflammation, memory, etc. So by eating a daily dose of CBD edibles like CBD chocolate, you are benefiting your body, feel calmer, more concentrated, and relaxed.

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