The Source is Everything

It is an old saying that “we are what we eat” and that’s why there’s has been an emphasis on the source of the things we eat. GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) have been discouraged due to the nature of their production. Hybrid chickens are another concern owing to the nature of their breeding. I don’t know what they have against gluten, but if you have read their claims, I’m sure you get their point. Some people recommend a paleo diet, as in, if it didn’t exist when cave dwellers roamed the planet, then the chances are that it is not healthy for you. The primary emphasis on these things is their source, and there is a lot of truth in it, do you agree?

Which is the True Source?

There is a lot that goes into producing food, particularly crops. There is the soil, cultivation, manure, pesticides, harvesting, processing, packaging, and then the part where you walk into a store and purchase the product. Before the role you play, various other things take place during the earlier phases, some of which some of us have a problem with.

During cultivation for instance, which soil is used? How is it tilled? What is added to it? Does it contain enough nutrients?

Then we come to the seeds sawn for the plants to grow. Where did the seeds come from? Were they natural or something fabricated in some lab? Were they GMO in any way, manner, or form?

Then while the seeds are germinating and subsequently growing, what manure is used to facilitate their growth? Which other chemicals are used in the process to keep them healthy, safe from diseases, pests, and other attacks of nature?

Then there is harvesting and then the part where the debate gets heated, processing. What process did a product go through before it was placed on the shelves of the store for you to purchase and consume? What chemicals were used? How healthy is it for human consumption. Where did it come from?

We will be dancing for the rest of our existence as a civilization to this tune.

Rather than worrying about all these things, why not stay safe and only deal with natural products. Identify a source of natural food products and supplements like Standard Process and stick to it. Your family’s health comes first. You children will be the product of what you feed them and the same will apply to you. I’m sure you won’t necessarily give your children one thing and eat something else.

The Thing with Natural

Take your time to identify a dependable source of natural products that you can rely on, and you’ll make things easier for yourself. The professionals who recommend natural products understand how our bodies work. The reason natural products work and are healthier for the body against other man-made alternatives is that natural products are in their healthiest form.

You want to consume products that heal your body and sustain its youth without introducing other complications. My father likes to say that you can’t build a house by erecting a wall on one side while demolishing another side; a house like that will never stand. The same is true with most of the unnatural products we consume. They may make our stomachs full, and perhaps provide some nutrients, but on the other side, they are harming us by introducing fat that takes forever to get rid of, among other health complications like heart-related illnesses.

If I seem like I am repeating myself, it is intentional. I want you to get the message because I care about people’s health, including yours. Natural products are clean, untampered with, and contain all the healthy nutrients they are supposed to have. When you feed on that which is good for you, it will show in your beautiful smile, your sparkling eyes, your dazzling countenance, your excess energy, your contagious attitude, and your youthful body.

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