Techniques To Help You Heal Your Spine Naturally?

Your spine is best described as the support for your body. It is positioned through the middle of your back and connects your head to your coccyx. At the same time, it connects to several different parts of your musculoskeletal system.

In short, you need it to sit, stand, walk, bend, and even twist. That’s why spinal injuries can be so serious and generally need the intervention of a reputable spine surgeon

Spinal Sections

The spine is made up of 33 vertebrae which can be divided into five sections:

  1. Cervical

This is the top part which consists of 7 vertebrae, these help you move your neck. It’s referred to as C1-C7

  1. Thoracic

The thoracic section is 12 vertebrae known as T1-T12, it supports your chest and your ribs attach to this section of your spine.

  1. Lumbar

The lumbar is the lower back and the part that most people experience issues with. It’s known as L1-L5 and actually supports the upper part of your spine. This is the section that supports most of the weight of your body. It also receives the most stress when lifting and carrying.

  1. Sacrum

The sacrum is S1-S5 and supports the hips, creating the pelvic girdle.

  1. Coccyx

Finally, the coccyx is your tailbone which the pelvic floor muscles attach to.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Most people sprain their spine lifting incorrectly or items that are too heavy. This can result in torn or herniated discs. With treatment, this type of injury can be healed and the pain should disappear.

However, some people are not so fortunate and experience trauma-related injuries. In over 60% of cases, these injuries are incomplete and can be treated. They can still cause nerve damage. In some cases the injury is considered complete, these can generally be broken into three categories:

  1. Tetraplegia

This refers to when the spinal injury has occurred in the C1-C7 section of your spine. It prevents you from being able to move the upper and lower sections of your body. This doesn’t always restrict the movement of the head, neck, and even the shoulders.

  1. Paraplegia

This spinal cord injury can be caused by injury in the thoracic, lumbar, or sacrum sections. It disrupts nerve function and makes it difficult to control parts of your body. Paraplegia is the term used when you have problems with various parts of your body. In many cases, therapy and assistance can help you continue to lead an independent life.

  1. Triplegia

If the spinal injury affects your ability to move all four limbs then it is referred to as triplegia or quadriplegia.

Healing Your Spine Naturally

It is advisable to consult your spine surgeon regularly. They can help improve your spine issue, offer an array of medical treatments, and they will monitor the progress of your natural remedies. If your injury is incomplete then your spine can heal, the following will help.

  • Sleep

Your body heals best when you are sleeping. This is when cells heal and the body recovers. To maximize this you’ll want to fully rest your spine as you sleep. That means having a firm mattress to support your body and using a pillow for support. If you prefer sleeping on your back then place a pillow under your lumbar region. If you like sleeping on your side, put it between your legs.

  • Exercise

Exercise is often stated as the answer to everything and it certainly helps. Your doctor will advise you regarding the best exercises to do. The aim is to improve the strength in your core muscles as this will relieve the stress in your spine, they will provide the strength with your spine needs.

  • Supportive Shoes

If you have spinal issues then you’ll want to get shoes that offer support. It’s best to get professional advice when choosing these. They will help you correct your posture and remove tension from your spine.

  • Sit properly

You probably already know that you need to sit properly to reduce back issues and pain. It can be difficult to adopt the right position all the time. But, if you regularly correct your position you can start to maintain good posture naturally.

  • Enjoy A Massage

Finally, a good massage can work wonders on your spine. It releases tension in the muscles and improves the blood flow, ensuring the muscles and the spine have all the nutrition they need to recover and stay healthy.

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