How to get Magento certification?

Any Magento certified developer must pass a special exam to prove their professional status. In case of its’ successful passing, the developer receives an appropriate international certificate, which is able to confirm the high level of practical skills of a specialist. By obtaining a Magento certification developer is able to stand out from the competition in an advantageous way.

Magento certification preparation

In order to successfully prepare for the certification process, you must use the current version of Magento 2 Certification & Training Paths. Immediately after you are ready, you have an opportunity to proceed to the certification procedure at the corporate center.

But first, you need to register a personal account on the official website At this stage, usually, there are not many questions, because it is easy to create a training record by filling in all the required fields for registration. When filling out the contact information on, pay special attention to the specified email address, because it will be required to obtain the magento certification.

When registering an account, remember that the personal data you provide must exactly match what is indicated in your documents. A Magento account usually uses this data to register participants in the testing center. Before passing the exam, the staff of the center will definitely check your documents, and only then will they be admitted to the exam. This procedure is mandatory for any futureMagento certified developer and is designed for security reasons, preventing unauthorized persons from being present at the exam.

Choosing a specialization and passing the exam

Immediately after completing the preparation and registering a Magento account, you need to go to the Magento U portal, where you should select the specialization that is relevant for you. It is necessary to understand that each specialization implies passing a separate exam. In addition, each exam is paid for with an individual voucher purchased from

While on the page with the selected specialization, at the bottom of the screen, you must click on the “Purchase exam voucher” button and follow the instructions for purchasing a voucher. After successful payment, the voucher code will be sent to your email.

Below the button “Purchase exam voucher” there will be an interactive menu where you can register with the testing center and get access to many useful monitoring functions.

In order to sign up for the exam, you need to go to the Kryterion website, where you can select the required exam from the list of exams available. After that, you should decide on a suitable testing center by choosing a free date and time.

The exam procedure is carried out on the territory of the selected testing center and is a special test. After successfully passing the exam, your account will be added to the official Magento website as a certified magento developer.

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