Reasons to Consider Automatic Case Erectors

The manufacturing industry is headed to a future with numerous possibilities due to the advancing technology. Automation is one of the most notable things taking over the packaging industry. Most manufacturers invest in automatic case erectors because it’s easy to construct many cases simultaneously. If you have not tried these advancements, here are reasons to convince you to incorporate them into your business operations.

Ease of Operation

Unlike semi-automatic and manual methods, automatic case erectors are easier to operate. There’s almost no handling of corrugated cardboard blanks when making your packaging cases or boxes. The machine automatically opens, squares, and seals the bottom of the box. Your job will only be to load the blanks and enter the ideal dimensions.

Increased Speed

Manual erectors rely on human effort to open and manipulate the case blanks; it takes more time for a team to make the packaging boxes needed. However, you can have up to 30 cases per minute with an automated case erector. This helps to improve your output. The equipment spares time for your team to focus on other things that matter to your business. Your team can also use the extra time to improve quality control and productivity.

Meeting Your Shipping Needs

Automatic case erectors are the ideal tools for creating your packaging boxes. It creates the bottom flaps using a cutting-edge program that guarantees accurate shapes and sizes. It also designs packaging boxes from recycled materials in a way that suits your shipping needs. In addition, the boxes are designed for shipping products while ensuring zero damage.

Minimizing Backlog

Building packaging cases manually is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Your employers have to assemble the built cases, which adds production time and occupies valuable floor space. However, an automatic case erector can build boxes on an as-needed basis. It frees up time and space on the floor for other functions.

Case Uniformity

Having uniform cases is one of the most important things when it comes to designing your packaging boxes. An automatic case erector guarantees the uniform construction of your cases. Therefore, you can load more boxes into your shipment equipment or trucks.


If you are conscious of environmental sustainability, automatic case erectors will help your core. The erectors can use used or recycled materials to make your packaging boxes. It plays a key role in conserving the environment because it minimizes the waste in landfills. Therefore, you can use the equipment to impact the environment positively.

Reducing Injury

The repetition that comes with making packaging boxes manually can lead to strain injuries on your employees. In the long run, the injuries lead to reduced productivity and more time out of work for treatment and recovery. An automatic case erector provides a great opportunity to eliminate the risk of repetitive strain injury and leads to increased satisfaction at work.

The Bottom Line

An automatic case erector provides a wide range of benefits that allow your company to maximize productivity. You can reserve an appointment with an expert to help you choose the equipment that will best suit your needs.

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