Beware of buying ottomans for cheap – value is key

As with any furniture, getting the cheap option isn’t always the best when buying new ottomans. Ottomans are great if you want to add some flexible seating with traditional ottomans, give a foot support for an existing living room chair, or using interior hidden storage ottomans to house items conveniently and out of sight.

When using ottomans as extra seating and storage only when needed, it is a good idea to choose those that will work in more than one room. For example, the same ottoman pulled into the living room during a house party can be pushed into the bedroom for use as a place to sit for putting dressing and putting on shoes more comfortably than sitting on the bed itself. In fact, the ottoman can take the place of a bedroom bench entirely, while getting those with interior storage are always of use in a bedroom.

Once you know exactly what you are looking for, your next step is probably searching online to discover your options. Even people who intend to purchase their furniture in person are likely to do an internet search first so that they know what is available and from whom. When you do a generalized search, you’re going to see some amazing deals that look too good to be true.

And they usually are.

Just like anything else sold online, you’re going to find the same furniture brands and styles across the web, regardless of the online retailer selling them. And across that wide span of online shopping options you’re going to see the same furniture for a rather large range of prices. But some of those rock bottom prices are not the value that they seem.

It usually makes sense to look at online furniture stores that are in the median price range for popular brands. By choosing these retailers you have a much better chance of getting higher quality for a reasonable price. There are a few things you should keep in mind as you look through available ottomans for cheap online to make sure you’re getting value as well as low cost.

  • When you see the same brand show up over and over during your search, check it out to make sure it’s a durable piece of furniture. Looking at reviews of the exact ottoman you are thinking of buying is always a good idea. You don’t want to waste your money on something that isn’t going to last more than a year.
  • If you think you’ve found a good online furniture retailer with ottomans that you would like for your home, you should check reviews for that retailer specifically. Such reviews will let you know if they honor their warranties, provide decent customer service, and have a high success rate of fulfilled orders delivered to the door without incident.
  • If you know that a furniture dealer uses a particular shipping method, look up some reviews on those as well for good measure.

Once you know what ottomans you want and where to buy them, measure the value versus cost for the remaining narrowed options to find the right one for you and your space. If an ottoman is $20 but lasts 6 months, you save money by getting one for $60 that lasts 3 years. Keep that in mind as you weigh your options.

Sometimes online retailers sell ottomans for cheap because they are actually slightly damaged merchandise that is being passed off as new. They may also be ottomans that are new but from older collections that may not be in as good condition as the rest of their offerings. Such things can make it a bit more difficult to find a good ottoman, and why going through the reviews as mentioned above is so important.

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