What You May Not Know About Chainsaws

They are very noisy and powerful. I bet you always stop and look for a while whenever you see someone use a chainsaw. Have you ever used it yourself? If not, don’t do it yet, at least until you know how to use it safely. It is a powerful tool and the thing with powerful tools is that they do things without thinking. Chainsaw related accidents are not trivial in any way. I didn’t mean to scare you; I just want you to be safe. Anyway, did you know…?

The First Chainsaw Prototype Was For Use in Surgery

It is obvious for most people to assume that the first person who came up with the concept of the chainsaw was some lumberjack who was looking for an easier way for felling trees. That wasn’t the case. The thing with creativity is that it comes from many angles. You could come up with an idea to help you do something in the kitchen and then someone else repurposes that concept for powering a rocket. That’s just how creativity and the imagination work. The first chainsaw was actually a tool meant for cutting bones and delivering babies in hospitals. And no, it was not powered by electricity, gas or gasoline. It was a handheld device that was operated manually by rotating a handle just as manual drills (if you have ever come across one of those) work.

Chainsaws, Like Any Tool, Are Tools for Artwork

Wood Carvings

When the trees have been fell, the story doesn’t end there. Chainsaws can further be used to create beautiful carvings from them. And the finished products are amazing artworks that one wouldn’t easily tell were done using a chainsaw. People are carving furniture and even statues from logs using this powerful saw. The furniture is particularly interesting because they still have aspects of the original log. One can tell that the furniture was carved directly from a log. It’s how beautiful the artwork is and the mystery of how it was done that makes it fascinating.

Chainsaws come in different types and sizes. In terms of the types, the difference is in how they are powered and operate. The size differences determine where and how they can be used.

Ice Carvings

The reason I brought the size and type difference is that this makes chainsaws useful for other things apart from cutting and carving wood. Human beings are very creative creatures and they will always find ways of using things in other ways other than their intended purpose. For instance, chainsaws are also used to carve ice. I bet you have seen ice sculptures. Chainsaws play a significant part in creating them. The normal size chainsaws can be used to cut large blocks of ice and there are smaller sizes, ones that you can carry and operate with one hand, which can be used to carve small details in ice and even wood where applicable.

Stone Carvings

There are also unique and extremely powerful chainsaws that are used to cut concrete and other stones. These are used in construction sites, stone carvings, and anywhere there are large blocks of stone that need to be put in perspective. Due to the extreme friction involved in this instance, these powerful chainsaws are usually lubricated and cooled with water.

Chainsaws have been around for over two centuries now. However, the earliest instances of chainsaws were not as we know them today. The design and functionality have been improved significantly over the past two centuries. They are powerful tools and one needs to be extremely careful when using them. As you have read above, people are using them to do amazing things. If you intend to invest in one, first determine what you want to use it for, and then make your pick. But don’t get stuck with what people are already doing with them, challenge yourself and see whether you can introduce a new use for them. Who knows, it could be the next big thing.

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