Medical Mask VS Fabric Mask

Before COVID-19 most of us were only aware of medicated masks. And those masks were only used in medical fields or some workers used to wear them in chemical-related industries. Now the pandemic has made it compulsory for everyone to wear a mask. Most of us are wearing those disposable medical masks or K95 Masks.

But medicated masks are not made for general purpose and wearing these masks for longer period of time can result in health-related issues. While non-medical or fabric mask has a thin layer of fabric and you can breathe a bit easier through that. So through this article, we will try to differentiate the occasions or places where you need to wear a medical mask and when you can go for a fabric mask.

Before moving forward let me explain one more thing. Medical masks are made by mask machines. Whether it’s a disposable mask or a K95 or N95 mask, you can produce it at home. China Suppliers For Mask Machinesdeliver their products all over the world and the manufacturing of medical masks has arisen to a large scale.

Now coming back to both kinds of masks and their usage.

Medical Masks

You need to wear a medical mask


  • You are health workers
  • You have Coronavirus symptoms
  • You are taking care of a COVID-19 patient
  • You are visiting or living in a COVID-19 infected area and you have some symptoms
  • You are 60+ year old
  • You have some serious health issues

Non-Medical of Fabric Mask

In the below cases, you can wear fabric mask

  • You don’t have Coronavirus symptoms but you are
    • Visiting a COVID-19 infected are
    • Visiting a rushy area and social distance is not possible
      • Such as social working
      • Cashier/ Receptionist
      • servers/waiters
  • You are traveling by public transport
  • Going to grocery store
  • At the workplace

I hope that would help. Now you don’t have to wear a medical mask all the time and you can use a fabric mask most of the time. And one more thing. Don’t wear a mask when it’s not necessary, as wearing mask for longer period of time can result in health-related issues.

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