Thailand’s Emergency Medical Care Services

Like it is not, life is a risk. Everywhere there are dangers, internal and external, all of which threaten our wellbeing. If any of the multitudes of threats becomes real, then we may find ourselves facing a medical emergency. Without any warning, our whole world can come crashing down as a result of any number of situations or conditions that require professional medical help.

Within the blink of an eye we can find ourselves the victim of an accident, heart attack, a stroke or serious illness. When such an event is thrown upon us, very often chaos reigns. Within an instant everything changes, what to do? It is at these moments that you need emergency medical care.

Every year millions of people visit the Land of Smiles, for a holiday, to work, and for retirement. They live life’s idyll, or as near to it as can be found. But this perfect existence is easily threatened, life can be very fragile. The unplanned and unthinkable does happen to the unlucky few, turning life upside down. It may be felt that The Land of Smiles has instantly lost its shine. But there is no need to despair, just to be aware. Thailand has an extensive emergency medical service.

Arriving on foreign shores, almost everything is unfamiliar, alien, possibly confusing and incomprehensible. All that is familiar, the things we are accustomed to no longer apply. Relaxing in your new home, undertaking leisure activities, shopping, driving or just walking down the street, all that was the norm, is no longer. Behavior, customs, rules and laws are different. This unfamiliarity raises the risk of falling victim to the plethora of threats to our wellbeing that are all around us.

Living in a new idyll requires a person to readjust their self-awareness and refocus on their surroundings and become accustomed to new familiarities. This learning curve is largely instinctive and as time goes by we become accustomed to our new surroundings. The wise traveler assists this natural realignment and perceptions of their life through a little research. Making yourself aware of the emergency medical services and the procedure to follow is a vital element in becoming retuned to a new living environment.

Classifying a Medical Emergency

Commonly, within the medical profession, the phrase “A threat to life and limb” is used to denote a medical emergency. Although, to the commoner, the phrase is somewhat inexact it does have specific meaning to qualified medical professionals. A situation of illness or accident which poses an immediate threat to a person’s life, wellbeing or long term health which requires treatment from qualified medical personnel away from the hospital environment, is a medical emergency.

These medical emergencies take many forms and require the medical skills from a multitude of qualified personnel across the many facets of medicine. Although multi-faceted, and with many differing departments, medical emergencies need to be synchronized. From the emergency medical phone and the paramedics, medical technicians, emergency physicians, anesthesiologists and medical support, all need to be coordinated with seamless efficiency, and at a moment’s notice.

What do You do in a Medical Emergency?

For those people living the perfect idyll in the Land of Smiles, there’s no need to have sleepless nights over the quality kingdom’s medical emergency services. Across the country there are modern, well equipped hospitals, each of which operate an emergency service. Many of the country’s hospitals have international accreditation with internationally trained personnel who are dedicated to the care and wellbeing of all.

The general medical emergency hotline is 1669. This is a nationwide number and coordinates all the medical services across the country. The operator will immediately dispatch an ambulance to the required location. Response times will vary; within Bangkok this is aimed at ten minutes. However, it must borne in mind that Thailand is a very rural country with its population spread across a vast area. Outside of the major cities, response times can be as much as thirty minutes.

Medical emergencies can never be predicted and are never expected to occur, as such, we are normally ill-prepared for it. Being proactive and prepared for unlikely eventualities will aid in ensuring prompt assistance in the dispatching of the medical services. It is wise to keep the emergency numbers easily at hand, these days we all have mobile phones, have it logged into your contacts.

On contact with 1669, should an individual have a preferred medical establishment, this information should be imparted to the operator. If a particular hospital has a medical file on a patient, it will be invaluable to the treatment the person receives. Any known medical history should be imparted; this enables treatment to be channeled effectively and efficiently.

Thailand’s Emergency Departments

All the major hospitals throughout the country operate 24 hour dedicated emergency departments, which are staffed by qualified personnel, along with their dedicated fleets of ambulances. Ambulances tend to be modern and well equipped to deal with all medical emergencies they are likely to face. The first attenders are specifically trained medical personnel skilled in delivering the highest levels of emergency care.

First attendance teams not only provide the vital immediate treatment and convey patients to hospital, whilst in transit they are communicating ahead to the hospital. This enables the hosting hospital to have the correct medical specialists present at the point of patient arrival. Where appropriate, specialist equipment and theatres can be made ready. Maximizing time efficiency is vital in the pursuit of effect emergency medical care.

Following First Attendance

Following a medical emergency, paramedic attendance and hospital admittance, a stay in hospital is very likely. This maybe just over night, or could be a longer stay. It should be remembered that the arriving at hospital is not the end of an emergency, vital care may be drawn out, Thailand’s hospitals are equipped to deal with complicated, protracted emergencies. Following a medical emergency, it may be that a patient needs constant care around the clock until the immediate threat to life has receded.

Anyone living in The Land of Smiles can be assured that emergency medical personnel are dedicated to the preservation of life. Thai medical staff are equally dedicated to the total recovery of their patients, regardless of the burden. Everyone can help with this burden by being self-aware of the risks in life and equip themselves accordingly, log the emergency number, 1669, and help to keep the Land of Smiles, smiling.

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