Top 5 VPN Services that Accept Bitcoin

Because the Internet is increasingly controlled by large companies, by the governments of the major world powers and due to a large number of attacks against net neutrality, the use of VPN servers to connect anonymously and privately to the Internet is on the rise. However, not all VPN servers offer the same security and privacy to users, and if we are looking for maximum privacy, we should definitely opt for a server that not only guarantees that privacy, but also allows payment of the service to through private and anonymous currencies like Bitcoin.

It is increasingly difficult to pay with cryptocurrencies, mainly because most of them are related to illegal transactions and their volatility. However, VPN platforms are among the few that really bet on this payment method in order to offer users such an anonymous and private service that does not even disclose personal details as a payment method.

As we have said, not all servers offer the same security and the same anonymity and, therefore, in this article we will mention the top 5 companies where you canbuy VPN with Bitcoinin order to connect to the network with total anonymity and Privacy.

Totally private VPN servers that allow us to pay with Bitcoin


ExpressVPNis one of the best VPN servers we can find on the Internet. Registered in Hong Kong and with servers spread all over the world, this platform allows us to make unlimited use of its servers to hide our identity, preserve our privacy and freely access the entire Internet; all along with very strong encryption to prevent third-party eyes from capturing our data.

As the only drawback, we can mention is that some connection records are saved for internal use, although all of them are anonymous and are not associated with any user.


IPVanishis another recommended VPN servers for those who care about their privacy. With servers distributed in more than 60 countries around the world, the security of the connections is extreme – a 256 bit AES encryption in all of them, as well as SHA-256 encryption for the data, and authentication with the server on an RSA 2048 handshake.

This server offers excellent speeds and also does not save any activity log.


VPNAreais another company that takes special care of the privacy and anonymity of users. Registered in Bulgaria, this company allows us to make unlimited secure connections, including P2P connections, encrypted connections, and all the data that travels through them. Also, it does not save any data from the users who connect.


Created by a group of Italian hacktivists,AirVPNis characterized by being fully compatible with most configurations to preserve security, such as SSL or SSH tunnels, and secure Tor over VPN connections.

As an inconvenience, besides that it has quite limited servers, the technical support leaves much to be desired. But if we know how to fix the problems ourselves, it is also a great option to consider.


Last but not least,IronSocketis another server that we cannot ignore. This server is quite new and, like the first one, is registered in Hong Kong. Its main feature, in addition to not keeping any user records, is that it is much cheaper than the previous ones.

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