Why GIFs Work Wonders In Social Posts

Growing social media channels is a tough job when it comes to boosting engagement as several variables can contribute to the reaction on a social media post. Whether it is the text you use or the image, even the smallest change can make a huge difference when it comes to likes and shares across numerous platforms. In this article, we will be looking into why a GIF can work wonders on social media posts.

The Increase In Audience Retention

When creating posts on social media you want to keep your audience interested. This, therefore, means that every post needs to be different from the last and be either entertaining or informative. This is where the gif comes in. By using a funny GIF that is related to the post you are writing, this is likely to increase your audience retention rate over time. These can be custom made gifs or some you find on applications such as Giphy to make your posts interesting. This can also be run alongside PPC advertising to better the engagement for the company and generate high-quality leads.

Can Showcase Creativity

In addition to the audience retention rate, a GIF is a perfect way to showcase your creativity. By making GIFs of your own, you are then able to create posts that work for you. Though it may take time to design your own GIFs, this is likely to be a hit with your audience, this is because it shows your willingness to put time into what you are creating. This is also a simple yet effective way to put yourself ahead of competitors as this will increase engagement on each post when compared to a post with just text.

Faster Than Video Content

In modern-day society, a majority of people want information quickly when scrolling down their social feeds. This means that they are more likely to stop and click on either GIFs or video content. Due to the fast-paced nature of social media platforms, you are likely to find a GIF on a weekend or a Monday will do better than one during the week, this is because a majority of audiences are spending more time on social media over the weekend. Though this will depend on the age of the audience as well as the length of the post, you are likely to see more success when posting the evenings or on weekends as this is when a majority of the population are on social media in their downtime.

They Are Relatable

The final reason why GIFs are so popular on social media is that they are relatable. With some from recognisable TV shows and popular memes, this is shareable content. This will mean that there is increased engagement as people are likely to share the post with their friends. In addition, a gif can also be easily transferable across platforms allowing you to create the perfect series of quotes on several platforms to boost your brand identity.

Whether you are planning on creating your own GIF, you will be recycling those that are already being used within social media posts, this can aid in the growth of your channels. This, in turn, can grow the reputation of your brand as time progresses.

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