Spam? Why Am I Receiving These Emails?

We are funny creatures. If you took your time to study the idiosyncrasies of some of us, you’ll laugh. But we are who we are and there is nothing like insignificant problems. Some people are like me, they just can’t stand to have many unread emails in their inbox.

Even when the inbox indicates that there is one unread email, it is irritating. Some people can ignore emails for days and others never even bother to read them.

Regardless of which category you fall under, chances are that you can’t stand emails that stemmed out of nowhere. To someone like me, receiving an email that came from nowhere is quite annoying considering that I will feel like I must open it to reveal its contents.

Unsolicited emails have been a problem for the online community since people realized that emails could be generated and sent in bulk to many. They can be quite annoying, particularly if they are frequent.

We live in the age of ransomware; a virus that’s mostly spread via emails that hijacks someone’s computer until a stated ransom is paid. With this knowledge, receiving emails from unknown sources can be scary.

Mind you, just because you received an email that you did not ask for does not necessarily mean that it is spam. Yes, it is unsolicited because you did not ask for it but it is not necessarily spamming. That’s the challenge with unsolicited emails. Sometimes you don’t know whether to ignore it completely or you should engage it. There is the fear that if you open it, it may be a Trojan horse (a virus disguised as a promotional email), and if you ignore the email, chances are that you could be missing out on something important. You can see the dilemma such emails can put someone in.

Another challenge with emails nowadays is the fact that almost every website online is requesting your email address. If you visit three websites in a day and each asked for your email address, you’ll have subscribed to twenty-one different websites by the end of a week. Now continue that math to a month, year? There is no way you could be responding to all those emails. Some or most of them will have to be ignored, and you’ll eventually have to deal with unsubscribing from emails.

Some webmasters and computer experts out there are exceptional in that they can acquire email addresses from all over the internet. If it exists online, they will find a way of getting it. That’s one of the reasons you receive unsolicited emails.

However, does that mean you should not provide your email address to anyone online? No. It’s unreasonable. You may as well not have an email address. Where else can you use an email address apart from the internet?

It is an alarming and annoying thing when you receive unsolicited emails, but its remedy is not rocket science. You don’t need a computer geek to solve this problem. The solution is right before you. With a little common sense and a sense of what is important to you, you can tackle this issue effectively.

When you receive an email that you did not ask for or expect, and that you are not interested in, it is simple; just spam it (mark it as spam).

There is also the case of emails you subscribed to but are no longer of interest to you; they are irrelevant. Such emails are unwanted, in that, you did ask for them but you don’t want them anymore. These are easy to get rid of. Just open one of them, there should be an unsubscribe link at the end of the message. Click the unsubscribe link and you should be able to unsubscribe and no longer receive such emails.

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