Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: The ways Technology Can Transform Our Lives

Let’s get ahead a few years. What’s your take on the expansion of artificial intelligence in healthcare? Is the technology going to be one prominent or will it have the adverse effect on the human life? Well, for now, AI in healthcare is going to be the best thing that health professionals would see. The technique has got all the potential to be the best although a bit expensive for now.

What makes AI so promising in healthcare and won’t it show an adverse effect in the upcoming years? All this and much more is now presented to you here in this write-up with all the proofs that you would be requiring to say a big YES to artificial intelligence in healthcare. Well, before, we start explaining the benefits AI Can have on us, let’s rewind a bit to know how can we even image AI in healthcare?

What artificial intelligence in healthcare actually mean?

The smart AI technology in healthcare is the extended use of smart technology, advanced analytics, brilliant bots and the best data refining techniques to get the details. While manual intelligence is subjected to errors; AI, In all its glory, can never let it happen because of tried and tested algorithm it uses to analyze the data. And, while artificial intelligence offers a prominent future to healthcare it has also shown its true colors in robotics, the next-gen car manufacturing, and science & technology too.

Now, let’s talk about the ways AI can transform the healthcare sector

Some years ago artificial intelligence used to mean something and today everything has AI. From tweets to the stories and to the news feed in your Facebook it is artificial intelligence all around you. Let me convince you more on this, your favorite travelling app that helps you take the next morning ride to our office has also AI, the app that fetches grocery shopping at your doorstep is too an exceptional example of AI and the things you watch on the internet is also directly or indirectly is connected to artificial intelligence. In case, the technology is so much promising why didn’t we have used it yet? Well, investment takes time to flourish and that’s the case with AI too. Now, that AI has so much of potential in everything, As per MobileAppDaily research, let’s read more about its benefits in healthcare.

  1. Mining Medical Records

The most obvious use of artificial intelligence in healthcare is data mining or management. Collect the data, store it, do the analysis, mine the data and get all the deepest information about the healthcare condition of a person without any errors. Isn’t it amazing? recently, Google has taken a revolutionary step by launching its Google DeepMind healthcare project. The project is all about mining the medical records to help health professionals provide the best services. Although, the project is in its initial phase it has already shown some exceptional benefits in the field of eye treatment.

  1. Artificial Intelligence in Developing Medical Plans

IBM Watson has presented the best example under this category. It has launched a special program on Oncologist. The program is able to offer clinician evidence-based treatment option to the patients. Watson has the ability to analyze the structured and unstructured data given in medical reports in order to select the best treatment option designed particularly for a patient as per the given condition. The program suggests the best treatment path for patients depending upon their typical symptoms and the clinical reports. Such AI platforms can prove to be very much beneficial for medical science not only for research but also for providing specific treatment pathways to patients.

  1. AI for Providing Virtual Care

Artificial Intelligence can prove to be an exceptional option to offer virtual preventive care via the omnipresent smartphone. With such an assistance, your smartphone not only tells you how to sleep better but also offers the choice of healthier food. It tells you the ways to take account of the best exercise step that proves to be beneficial to your individual health. AI devices are capable of prescribing the most suited ways (by picking up the individual patterns of how a person talks or walks) that could help your health become better day by day. This way artificial intelligence can help those who are fighting through severe depression.

  1. AI in Medical Consultation Services

Babylon, the British subscription, online medical consultation and health service has launched an application that offers medical consultation to the patients. Based on the AI algorithm, the app takes into the account the medical history of an individual to prescribe the treatment. Users can download the application in order to fill their medical data. It then checks the database for similar diseases to offer related information to the patients. After analyzing patient’s history and circumstances, the app provides the best course of action. It also reminds patients to take their medication on time and get the regular follow up to find out how they are doing. Such kind of AI-powered applications are great as they take the complete charge of health condition of patients.

Signing Off

Predicting artificial intelligence to be the future of medical treatment won’t go wrong at all believing present scenario. The technology vendors to healthcare have already voted in the favor of this amazing artificial intelligence. Additionally, the healthcare organizations are already practicing the technique making it possible for artificial intelligence to come into mainstream healthcare by 2020.

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