Artificial Intelligence is about to Transform HR

Technology is having an impact on business in more ways than one. One of the biggest influencers in the modern world is artificial intelligence. It’s even starting to influence how businesses hire and manage their employees.

Human resource management systems have gone through a lot of technological changes. You’ve had mobile take over how people look and apply for jobs, as well as the opportunities video and live streaming have brought to how teams are managed. But it’s time for technology to change the industry one more time. The next big change to the human resource management system will be artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is, essentially, working towards computers behaving similarly to us humans. It is, of course, more technical than that but the premise is to have computers being able to conduct reasoning and eventually even learning and improving. Artificial intelligence is being used in many ways already and there are plenty of hopes and fears to what it might mean in the future for all sorts of areas of human life.

How does artificial intelligence and HR collide?

So, what is the deal with HR and artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence is helping HR deal with the explosion of big data. Human resource management system in the modern day is used to take in a lot of data. The software is used to conduct a range of different HR functions, such as:

  • Management of sick days
  • Management of vacation time
  • Collection of workflow data
  • Identification of employee needs and hiring trends
  • Management of employee data

If the old human resource management system used to focus on one function at a time, the modern system is often connected to these various functionalities. But this has lead to the explosion of data, which is why the use of artificial intelligence and its capabilities is such important.

The main impact and use of artificial intelligence is its ability to direct resources away from simple management and analysis. This, in turn, can lead to HR professionals being able to focus on HR functionalities that cannot be done digitally yet – such as management of employee wellbeing in person. In addition to this, and driven by this, artificial intelligence can also improve in decision-making and therefore, reduce risks. Not only do HR departments have access to more data, but they also have the ability to direct resource and focus to those problematic issues.

The four future improvements to HR

The mentioned two realities are the big driving forces of why artificial intelligence is important for HR and why adoption of AI-led human resource management system is high. But the future impact has the potential to push deeper into HR and transform the sector in four key ways.

Automating tasks

A big time-sink for many HR professionals is to manage many rather mundane tasks. Most of the day is spent on scheduling and organizing time for interviews, onboarding and employee management. These can all be sorted much quicker and, in many cases, more effectively by workflow automation systems that artificial intelligence can power.

Improving talent management

Artificial intelligence is bound to have an impact on how HR manages talent. The most important element will be a boost in recruitment. The modern human resource management system can use predictive language analysis and make recruitment more efficient. It can lead to less bias in the hiring process and focus on finding the right candidates for the role much quicker.

Predicting HR models

When it comes to employee management, predictive behaviour and analysis are important. If businesses could predict turnover rates and employee behaviours better, they could improve productivity and the bottom line. Artificial intelligence has a huge potential for improving this – because it can use and analyse data much faster, it will be able to create deeper and more accurate predictions in a variety of subjects.

Personalising the HR experience

People don’t all work the same way – some learn by reading, while others might want a more team-led approach to management. Humans can differ in so many different ways. But the current HR system doesn’t often allow this, as companies don’t have the resources to have multiple systems running at once. However, artificial intelligence can learn and understand employee behaviour faster and better – in the future, it will even be able to provide personalised HR experiences to people. This can improve employee training and lead to improved productivity and employee satisfaction.

The future is coming – are businesses prepared?

The truth is that many of the benefits mentioned above are not that far. In fact, most of good human resource management software already uses AI to provide these benefits. The question for businesses is how well they are adopting this technology and future-proofing their business. The competition for talent is not going to slow down so businesses need to fight for survival.

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