Key Features of Symfact Contract Management Software

A contract management software is a vital investment for any modern business as it will make the process of handling the issues related to various contracts – whether they be with employees, B2B clients, or consumers- far simpler. If you’re going to make this addition, though, you need to know that the chosen software has the right features.

While there are many options on the market, opting for Symfact at ensures that you’ll be blessed with all the key features. Here are five to look out for.

Centralized Digital Storage

Being able to access contract management tasks from anywhere in the world puts you in complete control. Internal and external communications are available via browser, smartphone App, or tablet. The ability to approve contracts on the go enables far greater productivity levels to help keep all parties happy and keep moving negotiations towards executions. Better still, it’s backed up with encrypted data to protect the business at every stage of the journey ahead.

Event Triggers & Notifications

There’s nothing worse than missing out on renewal or forgetting to complete an associated task due to your forgetful nature. Setting event triggers and notifications allows you to stay on top of the situation at all times thanks to the alerts provided at your configured timescales. The days of missing out on repeat deals and falling victim to the mistake of leaving yourself in a vulnerable position can finally be a thing of the past.

No Need For Contract Knowledge

While you need the contracts to be legal and fair, very few business owners will want to get into the finer details of drawing up contracts. The authoring process is made easier than ever with various templates that use easily editable facilities, including drag and drop layout features. You needn’t be a qualified expert to author a contract that works for your business as well as the other parties involved. Symfact does it on your behalf. It even includes language and currency exchanges.

Complete Customization

You don’t merely need a contract management software facility that is right; you need a contract management software system that is right for your business. Customization is a crucial feature of getting this right. Symfact offers customizable layouts while it can be integrated with various platforms. When added to the fact that the scalability allows you to adapt things to the size of your operation, success is assured for the long haul.

Advanced Analytics

The contract management process relies heavily on reporting, not least for future audits, and contract management software takes care of this. Meanwhile, an array of advanced analytics tools can be used to overlook any part of the contract prior to execution or ahead of making proposed amendments. Given that these are crucial moments of all contract processes, this will help you save time and money while also giving you peace of mind.

A contract management software system can be one of the best investments that you’ll ever make as it will protect your business as it enters an array of agreements. With all the necessary features in place, you cannot go far wrong.

Company management can be difficult in fast-growing enterprises. From managing contracts to creating processes and policies for the team to adhere to in the face of operational challenges, it can get very complex, very easily. You need to find the company management software that allows you to manage it all, but how do you choose the best fit for your business?

Access and accessibility

Who needs access to your company management software and when? Is it primarily for a small team to work with, or does it contain things like policies and procedures that individual members of teams across the business might need access to? If it’s the latter, then you might need to look at software that is hosted on the Cloud. Not only can you make it more accessible to the whole team across the business, but you can control what kind of access different team members have, as well. For instance, some may only be able to view documents, while others can view document histories, make changes, and more.

Centralization is important

The more of your company management needs you can meet with a single software suite, the better. For one, it reduces the operational costs and strain, making it more efficient for you and your team to handle a wide variety of processes. What’s more, is that company management tasks like contract management, process management, and third-party risk assessment, for instance, all interact with one another. Keeping these systems separate would mean that it can be harder to make decisions that would gain insights from more than one of them. Integration and centralization can mean that it’s easier for you and your team to quickly manage across different needs. For instance, you might need to make sure that new processes adhere to relevant contracts.

Size matters, too

You need to consider how big the business is. There is a range of small to medium business software that makes it easy to manage the relatively small volume of contracts and processes your business has to contend with. For larger entities, however, enterprise software like the suite that Symfact supplies might be a much better fit. It’s suited not only to manage documents and processes on a much wider scale but is also better suited to enterprise-level concerns like stakeholders, governance, and intellectual property management.

Choose software you can learn from

Like customer relationship management software, company management software isn’t just about making processes more efficient and effective. It’s also about gathering more data in one place so you can gain more informed insights and generate more informative reports. Your business can learn a lot more about customers, vendors, and business partners by having all your contracts in one place, for instance.

Finding the right company contract management software is crucial. It helps to not only make the business more efficient, but it greatly reduces legal risk and improves compliance when it comes to working with third-parties and maintaining organizational structure. Make your choice carefully and consider your needs before finalizing your decision.

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