Have You Heard about the Goat Yoga Craze?

Have you heard about the goat yoga craze? That’s right, you can now practice yoga with the assistance and companionship of a goat. Sometimes you even get partnered with a baby goat, which is another level of joy. Goat yoga began on a farm and now is a presence on farms all across the United States.

If you practice yoga in Portland, don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your practice to a new level. Goat yoga is a new and trending way of bringing together the yogi and farming communities and getting people engaged with animals.

What is Goat Yoga?

Goat yoga is a form of asana (poses) that is more relaxed and playful. Yogis get on their mats and begin their practice with the help of their furry goat companions. Sometimes, the goats are bystanders who offer an eager ear to be pet. Other times, they climb on you, adding a new layer of challenge to the more basic yoga poses.

Most often, goat yoga is facilitated by an instructor who works with the goat owner, or farmer. There are also usually “goat wranglers” who help maintain control and keep the kids out of trouble. Kid goats (baby goats) are most common because they are lighter and more playful. They are also incredibly cute, which adds to the experience.

Goat yoga is an exercise for mind and body that requires a bit more concentration than usual. While completing your workout, you may find your goat friend using your mat to take a nap, or maybe trying to take a nap on you while in certain poses.

One of the reasons why people love goat yoga so much is that it is silly. It’s hard to be too serious or take life too seriously when you are playing with baby goats and socializing with like-minded people. This makes it a great way to relax and enjoy a simpler mindset and focus.

Where Did Goat Yoga Begin?

Goat yoga was born on a farm in Oregon. Where else but a farm? What began as an evening stroll through the farm by visitors turned into a form of animal therapy that eventually turned into goat yoga. Before goat yoga, there was goat happy hour, a time people spent on the farm socializing with the goats.

Eventually, the first caprine vinyasa class was held, and it was a hit. The idea of goat yoga is that animals and humans interacting is good for everyone. Animal therapy is a common method of helping individuals with stress or certain medical conditions. Why not bring animals into the yoga practice? Aside from goats, cats, horses, and llamas have also been introduced into the yoga community.

Why Goats?

Goats are ideal therapy animals. They are considered one of the most popular domestic animals around the world. Goats are not what most people think of when they think of therapy animals, but goats are actually quite good at it.

Goats don’t require a special bond with an individual in order to interact with them. They are attention-seeking, friendly and encourage you to pet them with their tugs and nudges. Baby goats, in particular, also behave in a silly way, which is a good way to help people relax.

Are You Ready for Goat Yoga?

A foundation of interaction between humans and animals has turned into one of the most popular trends in health and wellness. But why not try it for yourself? Search for goat yoga classes near you and give it a try. You just might find it to be one of the most unique and enjoyable workouts you’ve ever experienced.

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