Advantages Of Renting A Villa Versus A Hotel Room In Mexico

As it stands, more and more tourists are seeing the value in choosing holiday villa rentals over hotel stays. For most travelers hotel rooms are only good for sleeping in and taking a bath, while villa rentals offer so much more. If you are planning a relaxing and exciting holiday getaway to Mexico, consider staying in a villa rental to enjoy the numerous advantages described below.

Cost Savings

Perhaps the most important advantage of choosing a Mexico villa rental instead of a hotel room for your holiday stay is the cost savings associated with it. Accommodation is one of the largest components of any holiday or travel budget. Travelers looking to save some much needed cash, to be spent on other interesting tourist activities during their vacation will be more than pleased to note that villa rentals usually cost less than a hotel room stay.

First and foremost, villa rentals are priced on a weekly basis, instead of the daily charges used for hotel rooms. Villa rentals have a lot of space; as such, the higher the number of occupants you have in your group, the lower the accommodation cost per head.

Since you can be able to cook your own food and do your own laundry when staying in a villa rental, you also get to make additional savings associated to using a paid hotel laundry service and eating all your meals at a restaurant.

Versatile Locations

In comparison to resorts and large hotels, villa rentals with Enjoy Mexico enjoy a higher level of versatility when it comes to their locations. It is true that some hotels are located right next to the beach, or other scenic locations, but villa rentals take the prize when it comes to scenic and strategic locations in Mexico. Since they are smaller than hotels, they can be located as close to the beach as possible. These holiday rentals can also be located on cliffs and small islands as well. This offers holidaymakers a one of a kind accommodation option that gets them up close and personal with nature and the sea; while offering impressive sunrise and sunset views where possible.

Furthermore, tourists looking to enjoy living among locals are best served by choosing to stay in villa rentals located in the outskirts of major towns and cities. Simply put, villa rentals can be located just about anywhere, giving holidaymakers the opportunity to experience their surroundings up close and personally.

Unmatched Levels Of Privacy

Villa rentals offer more privacy than what you would get even if you chose to stay in a private suite in a top hotel. Guests get to stay in their very own space/private compound, with a private balcony and backyard, surrounded by a perimeter. Other relevant facilities include private pools, gym, playground and beachfront among others.

As a guest you can avoid the crowds associated with popular hotels by choosing to stay in a villa rental. You no longer have to get to the pool as early as possible to get a great spot on the pool deck, or even worry about spending too much time on the loungers at the expense of other guests.

You can read, play, swim, work out or relax in a calm and peaceful space, away from the crowds that frequent hotels in popular Mexico tourist destinations.

Family Friendly

Travelling with children can be quite a challenging task. Renting a villa rental can help ease this burden, and even make the entire experience more fun. Most, but not all vacation villas allow kids and pets. This means that you will have an easier time finding a family friendly villa rental within your preferred Mexico tourist destination.

Since most villas include a kitchen, enjoying family meals in a peaceful and comfortable environment is possible. It is also much easier for you to whip up quick snacks for fussy young eaters, be it in the middle of the night or day.

It is also worth mentioning that most high end holiday rentals also offer a variety of child oriented extras including games, toys and a variety of supplies. All these help ensure that your kids can play and have fun in a private setting; leaving adults to relax and unwind, worry free. Furthermore, you don’t have to ferry all these supplies with you during your vacation travel.

Last but not least, it’s much easier for families to find a pet friendly villa as opposed to finding a pet friendly hotel. As such, you can bring your furry pets with you as well.

Homely Environment

Vacation villa rentals are a home away from home. These accommodation options offer holidaymakers the conveniences of home in a relaxing and exciting tourist destination. The available homely amenities include entertainment systems, laundry facilities and a private kitchen. Occupants can do their own laundry, or have it done by the staff, on site affordably.

Furthermore, these facilities usually have a fully equipped kitchen. This means that holidaymakers can enjoy a home cooked meal whenever they wish to. This is good news for anyone who suffers from a variety of food related allergies, are vegetarian or just don’t fancy eating out day in day out.

Make Your Own Rules

One of the most important reasons for going on a holiday is to get away from your established routine. The holiday accommodation you choose for your stay in Mexico should give you the freedom to make your own rules, during the limited time you have away from your normal life.

Holiday rentals make this possible. You don’t have to abide by strict hotel dining rules, as you can have any of your meals at any time of day or night.

It is also worth noting that villa rentals offer tourists the best opportunity to stray from the beaten track when it comes to experiencing everything their chosen Mexican tourist destination has to offer. You can easily walk out of the rental and interact with locals at your own convenience; instead of keeping up with the requirements of hotel tour packages.

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