Practical Solutions to 5 Common Travel Problems

Whether you’re a frequent traveler, or you only fly once every couple of years, we all encounter common points of friction along the way. Knowing how to deal with these issues can mean the difference between a stressful trip and a peaceful experience.

Solutions to These 5 Problems

Sometimes we forget just how much global travel has improved over the last 25 to 50 years. The majority of Americans live within a short drive to an international airport that can connect them to just about any major city or country in the world. Yet, despite the convenience, there are still major points of friction. Knowing how to deal with them will reduce your stress, enhance your safety, and make travel more enjoyable.

  1. Not Packing the Right Items

One of the most dreaded aspects about travel is packing. Most people don’t know how to pack efficiently, which causes them to bring too much stuff, but not enough of the items they actually need. A specific problem people encounter is not having travel-sized toiletries on hand, which are required when going through airport security.

Solution: To make sure you always have travel-sized items on hand, sign up for a subscription service like Ben Lido. As Drew Raymond explains, “Our subscription service is all about convenience. We understand that travelers have a lot on their minds and purchasing travel-sized toiletries and products isn’t always top on the priority list. That’s why we deliver it straight to your door.

  1. Slow Airport Security

Is there anything worse than getting to the airport in time for a flight, only to wait in the airport security line for an insufferable amount of time? Even if it doesn’t cause you to miss your flight, it certainly elevates your stress level.

Solution: While you can’t do much to speed up the folks in front of you, there are things you can do to make sure you slip through when it’s your time to go. For starters, you should dress accordingly. This means wearing slip-on shoes, removing all jewelry, and having your pockets emptied. It’s also smart to have toiletries and electronics at the top of your luggage so they can be easily removed if necessary.

  1. Lost Luggage

If you’ve ever shown up at your destination to discover that your luggage didn’t make it, you’ve experienced the peak of travel stress. Lost luggage is no fun, but there are steps you can take to prevent it.

Solution: The obvious solution to avoiding lost luggage is to only take carry-on items. If you absolutely must check baggage, smart luggage tracking solutions can help you avoid the confusion of tracking down your luggage by pinpointing a location.

  1. Overbooked Reservations

Just like airlines, hotels often overbook in order to account for the inevitability of last-minute cancellations. However, there are situations in which nobody cancels and the hotel gets overbooked. This can be extremely frustrating, especially if you need to be at a specific hotel.

Solution: The best way to guarantee a room is by reserving it with a credit card. You should also take the time to follow up before your trip. As traveler Karin Bilich suggests, “Call the hotel several days before your scheduled arrival to confirm your reservation, and always alert the hotel if you will be arriving later than you first expected. If all the rooms are full when you arrive, your hotel should assist in setting up accommodations for you elsewhere at no extra cost.”

  1. Language Barriers

Traveling to a foreign-speaking country is fun, but it can also be really frustrating – especially when you have trouble communicating.

Solution: Download one of these apps to help you get around language barriers. They aren’t perfect, but they’ll help you out in tricky situations where broken English doesn’t work.

Remove the Friction From Travel

Why is it that travel always seems to be a pain for you, but other travelers seem to sit back and relax? Are you really cursed, or do you simply not take the necessary steps to be successful?

By addressing big issues with common sense, you can reduce friction and make traveling an enjoyable experience. Hopefully the tips and tricks highlighted in this article will allow you to spend less time worrying and more time experiencing the world around you.

Bon voyage!

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