When We Joined the Yacht Club in Dubai

Well, some things are not for the faint-hearted, but if you are up for it, then you must take a cruise on a yacht in Dubai. Dubai is the best place in the UAE as well as one of the most expensive places in the world. Hotels there are the second most expensive worldwide. That’s why I’m letting you know what to expect right off the bat. Nothing good comes cheap, but if you can afford it, even if it means at a friend’s or family member’s expense, I promise you’ll have one of the best moments of your life when you have a cruise on a yacht in Dubai.

Some people own yachts, and others rent them. This article is for the latter because it’s a more affordable option and comes with little responsibilities. Dubai is a beautiful place, mainly because it is mostly summer over there. Yachts are best in a climate like that. Furthermore, the place is filled with amazing landscapes and cityscapes with contemporary architecture and engineering. At night, there is a starry night, and the weather is still tolerable – most of the time. If you are looking to have some fun, peace, quiet, or just to escape on a rampage, this is the ideal place for you.

Chartering or renting a yacht is an excellent alternative for going on a cruise on this fantastic luxurious vessel. If you have a wedding, I can’t think of a better honeymoon than on a yacht in Dubai. If you want to go partying or host a wild, unforgettable party, this is the place for you. If you would like to take your family on a new and exciting adventure, I bet you have not taken them on a yacht cruise before.

A couple of things you should know about chartering a yacht

They are fun.

But expensive.

Luxury yacht rental in Dubai is available in one of three options.

  1. There is an option called bareboat. This option is ideal for people with a sailing background or a sailing If you are from the navy, I think you’ll like this option. It allows you to charter a yacht and be the captain (or as they say in yacht/ sailing jargon, skipper). If you can afford it, go for it.
  2. Another option is referred to as skippered. It merely means that you get to charter a yacht, but it comes with its captain. If you don’t have a sailing background or don’t feel up to it such that you don’t want to be the captain, for once, then this option is for you. The beautiful thing about this option is that it is stress free. All you have to do is show up, with your friends, family, bride, groom, or the stranger you picked up in Dubai, and go on an unforgettable cruise.
  3. The last option is called the flotilla. This option is ideal for those with some sailing background but not fully accomplished sailors. It allows you to be part of a flotilla – a group of yachts under a main It enables wannabe sailors to gain some experience and see how the big guys do it.

These are the three main options you should look forward too when you decide to charter a boat in Dubai.

Also, you should be careful about where you charter your yacht. People’s lives are at stake here, including yours. The chances are that you’ll mostly find a reputable company offering the charters because yachts are not stuff just anyone owns, but not all wealthy people are responsible; in fact, most of them are not. You want to get your charter from a company with a good reputation. Consider online reviews and do a thorough background of the organization you decide to charter a yacht.

I don’t know about you, but there is so much to discover and explore in Dubai. Most people who visit the place only go to the fancy buildings and others even make things worse by staying indoors – what a joke. Be different and liven things up by suggesting a yacht cruise. Yacht charters are available for people like you. The owners of these yachts are well aware that not everyone can afford them. They came up with the idea of charters because it gives more people an opportunity to get to enjoy these cool vessels. Make the most of it while you still can.

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