How Shaza Hotels Are Redefining Luxury in the Middle East

One of the most effective ways of seducing someone is using the sense of smell because people rarely forget the sweetest scents they have ever smelled as well as the foulest. Let’s forget about dirty socks and dirty diapers (it’s amazing how such a cute thing can produce such a toxic smell), and that’s the last time you’ll read about foul smells here.

Shaza is a term from the Middle East that means fragrance and it is the name of a group of hotels that will give you an experience you’ll never forget – just like a sweet scent. Actually, Shaza is not just a mere Middle Eastern term, it is borrowed from the ancient Middle East, as the Shaza hotels are a blend of the past and present of the Middle East. The name captures what the hotels are all about and once you pay a visit to any of the hotels that are part of the group, you’ll see it for yourself.

Shaza Hotels are all 5 Star hotels and their aim is to give their guests a Middle Eastern experience that they will live to remember. The Middle East is home to the Arabian Peninsula and if there is something Arabs are good at, it is serving others. This spirit of service comes from their family-oriented culture. Kindness, generosity, loyalty, and politeness are qualities that are taught at the family level in the Arabian culture and they are values that are amplified when it comes to business. You’ll experience these qualities from the Shaza hotels not because they just want to be nice, but because they truly want to show their guests the nature of the Arabian ways.

Each branch of the Shaza hotels is carefully designed to meet a standard set by the family of hotels. Shaza is a member of the Global Hotel Alliance (GHA) – the largest alliance of independent five-star hotels in the world. The idea is that regardless of the branch you visit, you’ll experience the same class, the same quality treatment, and the same wonderful experience. As indicated earlier, the main theme of the hotels is a blend of the Middle Eastern past and contemporary architectural designs. For instance, in Shaza luxury hotels in Muscat, you’ll find the same designs you saw in an Aladdin movie, complemented with modern and contemporary minimalist architecture as well as technologies like Wi-Fi, electricity (of course), and alternative relevant facilities to accommodate your stay.

Arabs are the perfect host. Perhaps one of the exceptional experiences the Shaza hotels have to offer is personal attendants referred to locally as Morafik, and dedicated guides called Mustachar (it is not ‘mustache’ – read again if your brain jumped to conclusions). The Morafik are personal attendants that will cater to your every need as long as you are a guest at any of the Shaza hotels. The Mustachar are guides that will help you plan your itinerary to enhance your experience.

The exceptional guest service these hotels offer start the moment you arrive at the airport nearest to the Shaza hotel you’ll be staying. The hotel arranges for your pick up and as soon as you get to the premises, you are introduced to your Morafik. Furthermore, the hotels provide free parking spaces (if you brought your own transportation), currency exchange services, and 24-hour room service. The hotels also provide clubs for kids, spas for adults, and will accommodate business and social related events that guests would like held at the premises.

If you want class, excellent guest service, a break from your daily routine, and an unforgettable Arabian experience, the Shaza hotels are the place for you.

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