Wandering Around – What to see and do in Athens?

There are so many beautiful places to visit as a traveler on this day and age that you will really find yourself spoilt for choice once you start looking for which resort to be next on your trip list. Well to be honest if I had to choose, I would definitely head for the Greek capital. It is a place of so many contrasts that will certainly appeal to you in one way or another. But let’s examine in more details what to do in Athens, Greece.


I know what you might be thinking already. You would think I have gone crazy since I recommend that you visit such a place of heavy traffic and air pollution. However, you are a bit mistaken here. In the center of Athens, you will not always find yourself waiting for the traffic jam to come to a halt as it is not always congested. Apart from that, only the very center of it is mostly crowded. But there are so much to see and do. You can walk and go window-shopping in Ermou Street and you can admire the Parliament of Greek Democracy. You must of course go sightseeing and visit the monuments of the Parthenon and the Acropolis. If you feel like you are getting exhausted trust yourself in the secure hands of a masseur in a local spa. This capital will never let you feel bored or miserable-not even once!


Well, Athens’ northern suburbs are widely known for their woods and green spaces as well as their fresh air and unique villas. But what about the Southern ones? Believe it or not there are thousands of Athenians who had never had the chance to pay a visit to these magnificent areas of Attica. If you ever grab the chance to be there, you will remember it for the rest of your life. Vouliagmeni and Glyfada are so exotic that, especially in the summer, it does not feel like Greece at all! You will feel as if you were magically transported to the Caribbean or the Maldives to be more precise. They will blow your mind away thanks to their sunny and warm weather, their marvelous beaches and the extraordinary cocktails prepared by local baristas. Even during winter such places retain their chicness and high quality of services always with a touch of style and care.


It would be a huge mistake to visit Greece-let alone Athens-and forget all about tasting Greek delicacies and sweets. To start with the salty part, you must try souvlaki, pita gyro, moussaka, pasticcio, Greek salad and traditional pies like a cheese pie. Such dishes will help you get into Greek culture even more. It has to be mentioned though that you must not overdo it as they are not said to the lightest of foods and you had better take it easy. On the positive side, most restaurants and pubs or cafes in Athens are reasonably priced and you will not find it that hard to get a proper meal or grab a drink enjoying a lovely mountain or sea view. Even if you are traveling on a budget, you will not have to exceed it.

Concerning Greek sugary temptations there are so many of them like loukoumades, mpougatsa and other superb creations. Loukoumades are really tasty and they look and feel like a donut. It is pastry made with honey and cinnamon fried on a pan. It is the best possible dessert after some kebab or souvlaki. Mpougatsa is another sweet full of great smell and taste that will leave you speechless upon entering your mouth. Grab a bite and you will not regret it..Thank me later!

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