Easy Tips to Capture More Impressive Marketing Photos

Do you want to capture marketing photos that are impressive enough that they’ll grab people’s attention right from the get-go? While it would be best to hire a professional photographer, that can be costly – which is why you may be trying to snap the photos yourself.

Although you may not have the chops of a professional photographer, there are a few easy tips that you can use to start snapping much more impressive marketing photos on your own:

● Make sure the lighting is good
Light is inextricably linked to photography, and so the first thing you should always do is make sure the lighting is good when you snap marketing photos. Ideally, there should be plenty of soft light, and it should be evenly distributed so that there aren’t any harsh shadows or reflections.

While natural light coming through a large open window is always a good option, you could also try a basic three-point lighting solution if not.

● Go for a minimalistic approach
The more complicated your photo, the more difficult it will be to come up with a good composition. That is why a minimalistic approach could help you to capture much more impressive marketing photos.

Aside from the subject try to keep the number of other elements to the bare minimum. Each element that you add should help accentuate the subject or serve a specific marketing goal.

● Use the rule of thirds
One of the easiest ways to start improving the composition of your marketing photos is with the rule of thirds. All you need to do is turn on the ‘grid’ feature on your camera, and then position the subject or other elements using it as a guide.

Essentially the rule of thirds will help you to position the subject off-center, which is more visually appealing. On top of that, it will enable you to space out other elements more effectively, so that your marketing photos look more balanced.

● Try a (drastically) different perspective
Framing your marketing photos using a different perspective can make them look much more impressive, and it really isn’t that difficult to do. The majority of photos are snapped from eye-level and head-on, so all you need to do is try different angles.

In particular, you may want to try snapping photos from ground-level or overhead to really mix things up.

● Focus on the story, not the product
Product photography and marketing photography are very different, and with the latter, it’s all about the story that your photo is putting across. That story should tie in with your marketing message, and show people what it is that makes your product or service unique.

Admittedly storytelling with photography can be tricky, and it does take planning. Still, it is important that you try to aim to tell a story at very least, as even that will help your photos stand out more.

Keep in mind that photos are rarely ‘picture perfect’ when they’re first captured – so you may need to edit your marketing photos before they’re ready. The good news is that nowadays there are several user-friendly editors out there, and for example, If you need a good photo editor, free downloadit at movavi.com/photosuite-download.

The next time you’re snapping marketing photos you should try to make it a point to attempt to use as many of the tips listed above as possible. If you do you should notice the difference that they make to your photos, and you can be built on that in the future as well and capture more impressive photos each time that you do.

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