Title: The problem of duplicate content and how to solve it

Causes of duplicate content

A search engine is responsible for matching search queries of users with relevant results available on the Internet. There is malicious intent when content is copied and pasted without permission. However, duplicate content doesn’t involve only simple copy-pasting action.

When a search engine, crawls a site that it designates as duplicate content, it is not limited to what is written on a website. It involves similar URLs, different versions of a website, multiple user-friendly website versions, and other such things.

Duplicate Content Can Affect Search Results Of A Web Page

The generated session ids also help in ascertaining the percentage of user interaction. A useful analysis of campaign performance is often carried out by tagging links. All these actions lead to duplicate content formation as per search engine parameters.

Solutions for issues caused by content duplication

All problems have appropriate answers. Different cases of copied content require various measures for tackling those. Well-known issues caused by the duplicated substance are discussed below:

  • The loss of revenue due to replicated content

When duplicate content falls within the perimeter of plagiarism, it is quite easy to detect. Scanning websites or blog content for unauthorized use is accessible because of the online plagiarism detector. A text compare tool shows similarities between two text files and is useful for detecting copied articles.

The presence of the posted content on multiple websites is not undesirable. But for search engines, the original article doesn’t acquire the highest preference. It occurs because search engines choose results based on its algorithm and the main website doesn’t get top ranking because the clicks are distributed among the multiple copies.

Same Content Should Not Be There On Multiple Web Pages

In case of publishing articles or unauthorized use of articles in different sites, the author has the right to file a complaint to get the content removed from the website or a redirect option along citation can be inserted so that the search engine is directed towards the leading site.

It prevents the loss of revenue and organic traffic on the main website.

  • Multiple versions of the same URL:

URLs are tweaked to appear slightly different from the original one, but search engines stack all the variants as copies, which dilute the ranking of the website. This problem can be solved by keeping a unique URL. Search engines then show the only URL, and the website acquires a good ranking due to traffic inflow.

Fixing this problem also ensures periodic crawling of the site because multiple URLs with the same content reduce search bots crawling cycles.

  • Permitted third party usage of content:

It is a fair practice where authors allow their articles to be posted on multiple sites. However, this also creates the same content issue for search engines. To ensure that the main website gets maximum organic traffic, it is vital to request site owners to republish the article with a declaration and a backlink with anchor text.

How to detect plagiarism for removing duplicate substance

Plagiarism is a serious issue. The vast digital world has allowed the creation of multiple websites and online archives that provides users with suitable content. Online users search for a million things on the Internet. The amount of content that is created and posted online at every instant is humungous.

Website owners, content creators or freelance writers diligently curate useful content that helps individuals. From quick information to detailed descriptions, everything is available on the Internet. The plethora of content present online has increased the instances of copy-pasting issues.

Online Tools Such As Online Plagiarism Checker Works To Detect Copied Content

Duplicate content includes everything from scraping content to unacknowledged references. Any information that has been taken from another source and published without a citation is termed as plagiarism. In simple words taking credit for someone’s work is plagiarism. It is also known as content stealing.

However, every instance of copied text cannot be regarded as a deliberate misuse of content. In many cases, while writing a research paper or academic paper, students commit unintentional plagiarism. Published authors often refer to their previous textual content without citing it properly, which leads to self-plagiarism.

Compare Files Using SEO Tools And Avoid Plagiarism To Maintain Quality

These two types of plagiarism are not considered severe offenses; however, the quality of the academic content can get upheld when there are instances of copyright infringement. Hence to avoid plagiarism, it is wise to take the help of an online plagiarism checker.


Multiple versions of web pages and reposting articles cause search engines to rank only one of the results. To ensure that the authoritative text gets actively crawled by search engines, all duplicate pages have to be removed or redirected. It is wise to utilize a high-quality duplicate content checker for analyzing and solving issues in the content and the website.

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