Short Guide To Making Money at Home

Making money at home isn’t impossible; in fact, with so many opportunities on the web today, there are literally hundreds of ways to make money from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent looking to supplement your income, or just someone who wants a little extra spending money, here’s a complete guide to making money at home.

Survey Websites

Which survey sites are legitimate? Which pay a decent amount for your time? There are many survey sites out there, all claiming to be able to boost your income. To decide on the right site for you, you’ll want to consider a few things.

Most survey sites don’t pay straight cash; instead, you’ll earn points that add up to a cash value. Alternatively, you can earn points towards gift cards to your favorite retailers like Amazon and Wal Mart. Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and YouGov are just a few of the top survey sites out there. These platforms are legitimate, sending you cash via PayPal or Gift Cards for your hard work.

It’s always important to check the reviews of any survey site you’re considering using. There are scam sites still out there, so it’s a good idea to be sure who you’re working with before you decide to give away personal information. Luckily, Survey Junkie reviews are easy to find, and the site is already one of the top survey-taking platforms on the web.


If you have a talent for writing or any kind of digital design, freelancing might be a great way for you to boost your income. Freelancing is easier than ever with sites like Fiverr, which connects freelancers and professionals from all over the world on one simple platform.

Freelancing lets you choose your own hours (though you’ll still have deadlines!) and your salary. If you feel you deserve a certain amount per hour, and the quality of your work reflects that number, you should be able to find clients willing to pay it.

Freelancing lends a certain level of freedom to your work, which is something a lot of people seek out when finding jobs. The ability to choose your own hours, your own pay, and build a clientele entirely online is what makes freelancing so special.


Another popular option for making money online is blogging or starting a YouTube channel. This method won’t have instant payouts like a survey site, but over time, you can actually make a living from running a blog or YouTube channel.

YouTube is one of the most popular online platforms out there, with over 1.9 billion active users as of July 2018. That’s a lot of possible viewers for your new channel! There are even YouTube content creators who make all of their money simply by uploading videos to YouTube and getting sponsorships.

This method takes months or even years to gather a big enough following to go full-time, but if you’re already at home, you’ve got the time to do it. You’ll need to acquire a few things first, and also decide what kind of video content you’d like to upload. Even something as simple as vlogging can generate thousands of views per month provided you build a large enough audience.

You’ll want your content to be engaging and entertaining. Most people tend to click out of videos that don’t capture their attention within the first 10-20 seconds, so you’ll want to grab the viewer right away and give them a good reason to view your content.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants can handle a variety of tasks for their clients; whether it be checking emails, making travel plans and booking hotels, or even performing low-level research on specific topics. Becoming a virtual assistant is easy, and you can get started with new clients right away.

You’ll want to decide which services you’ll provide your clients before you begin. Do you want to provide only basic services, like checking emails, or will you be offering several different services, up to and including social media management and content development?

The possibilities for a virtual assistant are truly endless, and if you’re organized enough, you could potentially work for a few individuals or organizations at once; effectively doubling or tripling your pay. Here’s more information on how to become a virtual assistant.

Online Tutoring

The internet has made the world a much smaller place, and tutors are in high demand. Whether it’s English tutors for developing nations or math/science tutors for local children, there are several avenues for tutoring that could help you develop a steady stream of income from home.

TutorMe is a popular platform that offers a convenient way to connect tutors with those in need. You can tutor in just about any subject, including musical instruments and foreign (or native) languages. With weekly paychecks and an endless supply of students, you’ll be able to generate as much extra cash as you need. The only restriction is the amount of time you allocate to your services!


Making money from home is easier than ever with thousands of platforms to choose from and a global customer base with no shortage of new clients. Try combining more than one of these methods (like freelance writing and blogging) for even more income from home.

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