4 Surefire Ways to Improve UX and Boost Conversions

There’s a good reason why we prefer a particular apparel brand, go to a particular restaurant, buy from a particular grocery store. It is because we got a positive experience while shopping with them.

In the retail world, user experience and brand engagement play a vital role in converting people into brand advocates. Website design, Site speed, CTAs are the pillars of excellent user experience.

It ensures that your visitors can find what they’re looking for with ease. It also ensures that you provide a content-rich, carefully crafted design that not only gives a considerable leg up to your business but also pinpoint your customer’s issues.

The first thing that catches your attention on a website is its appearance. The thing that makes you stick to that website is its UX.

Now, you might be muddling how I can enhance the user experience of my website? How will it help to convert visitors into customers?

To answer all your questions and eradicate your worries, I’ve put together X sure-fire ways that will improve your website drastically. Let’s take a leap of faith and dive in.

  1. Use attractive call to action buttons

CTA directs a visitor to perform an action. It can be downloading a free whitepaper, going to the checkout page or check out products/services. Carefully placed CTAs help users to reach to the intended destination hassle-free.

While putting a call to action button, keep in mind the place. CTAs that are kept on the upper side of the website tend to be clicked more than when they are kept at the bottom. Also, keep in mind about the color psychology while creating these buttons. Different colors entice different emotions. Think about what do you want from your user? Whether it is to watch a video, do business or scroll your services.

Another essential factor to consider is the word used for your buttons. The word should include an action that compels the user to do something. Choosing the right words helps to hit the right chord and accomplish your desired goals. So make your words emotional, time-sensitive and enticing.

WUFOO, for example, has leveraged the power of CTAs to the fullest. The home page itself is action oriented and uses buttons to encourage people to take the next step.

  1. Optimize your page’s loading speed

You land on a website that sounds interesting. You want to go to a particular section, but the page is loading, loading, and loading. You get frustrated and abandon the website. With mobile technology increasing at a drastic speed, the attention span is shortening day by day. People want results at lightning speed. One crucial reason for higher bounce rates is the slow loading speed of a website. According to Section.io, 32.3% of visitors bounce when page speed is 7 second. Whoa!

To improve the loading speed, start compressing your images before uploading them to your website. Slow Image loading slows down your website speed. Along with that, you can minimize HTTPS requests. An HTTPS request is made for downloading different parts of the pages such as images, stylesheets, and scripts. Reducing the number of requests helps in loading the site faster.

Google offers a free service to check your website’s speed. It will also provide you with some suggestions for improving your load time on Mobile and Desktop.

  1. Use white spaces

You might have heard this magical phrase white space numerous times by now. White space is an indispensable part of a good UX design. It makes your content more legible, enabling users to comprehend the message better.

White space gives a refreshing and modern look to your website. If you’re consistent with your branding efforts, your thoughts can easily be communicated to your user. Hence, it plays a vital role in bridging the gap between you and your customer.

  1. Improve customer service

People often think customer service means to integrate chatbots or hire someone to handle queries. Well, they pretty much overlook the emphasis of customer service in the user experience. You can include a help section showing FAQs, video demos, and more to help our customers find answers to their questions. It looks like an easy thing but will save a lot of your time.

To wrap up

If you want to thrive in a cutting-edge competition, enhancing the UX design is the most crucial aspect. If you don’t pay any heed to the design part now, you’ll be in a soup, sooner or later. It not only improves the conversion ratio but also gives your customers a seamlessly enjoyable experience. Adopt some of these methods to boost conversions and make people go gaga over your website.

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