The Future of the Internet is Here: What To Expect

The internet has completely changed the way we live our everyday lives; from communication to dating to sharing information to shopping and everything in between. From the internet was born social media, eCommerce, digital storage, and many more tools that are nothing less than necessities in our modern world. That being said, many are looking to the future of the internet with wonder as new technology advances and old services are being left behind. What does the future look like? Keep reading to learn more.

More Wireless Connections

Cable internet has been the staple of internet service for almost two decades now, providing fast and semi-reliable service for prices that are normally quite affordable. With a physical connection, the downside is that cable internet is static; that is, you can’t exactly take your modem with you when you’re out and about. Companies like Spectrum do offer nationwide hotspot connections, but even so, there’s still a certain limitation to cable services.

As we venture further into the future of the internet, we’re going to see more and more wireless connections developing into the standard for internet service. Certain phone companies have rolled out the 5G connection, Verizon is one such company, providing a 5G service that is both ultra-fast and incredibly reliable, seemingly putting cable connections to shame.

In our modern world, everything is wireless, even our headphones! The future of cable connections seems uncertain as things like fiber optics and Verizon’s 5G become more and more popular and receive good feedback from customers.


Fiber-optic connections are 10X faster than traditional cable connections, simply because of how the data is transferred. Where a cable connection will depend on an electrical signal to pass information, fiber-optics uses light signals to pass information, and there’s nothing faster than the speed of light. Light travels along thin glass fibers with incredible speed, improving both reliability and the speed of your connections.

Many companies are working hard to make fiber-optics the standard service, and the demand for it seems to grow every year. The consumer yearns for faster, more reliable connections, and fiber-optics are the way to get it.

Even companies like Google are jumping on the fiber-optic train, launching Google Fiber in select cities. This super-fast internet boasts speeds of up to 1,000 MBS download speed, which is almost unheard of with traditional connections.

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AR and VR Will Be Integrated to Internet Use

Augmented reality and virtual reality may be in their infancy, but each has already shown great promise as a tool for progress, entertainment, and making our world even smaller than ever. Virtual reality has hundreds of applications, from marketing to education to entertainment and beyond; and it’s only a matter of time before it’s integrated into the use of the web.

Products like Google Glass provide a sort of HUD (heads up display) that connects to the internet and can even identify things just by looking at them. This kind of augmented reality service is just the beginning, and as technology advances, we’re sure to see even more impressive services.

Privacy and Security Will Become Even More Important

In a world where the internet rules even our interactions with friends and loved ones, it can be almost impossible to maintain a private lifestyle; not to mention, it’s becoming more and more difficult to protect personal data, as websites often require a sign-up process that asks for email addresses, full names, and other info.

Security is more important than ever in our digital world, with cybercrimes rising and security measures become more and more advanced. It seems that however advanced security measures become, hackers find ways to break even the most difficult firewalls. Capital One, for instance, was the victim of a recent breach, one of the top banks in the entire country.

Nowadays, we give away private information seemingly without care. We sign terms of service agreements without reading them, put personal information on social media free of care, and perhaps over-share on such platforms to the point of endangering ourselves. We can only hope that the future of the internet also means highly-advanced security measures to keep us all protected.

Too Much?

Even as technology advances, there are some that wonder whether an endlessly connected world is actually a good thing. Is constantly being connected to the internet conducive to private life, or to one that’s entirely human? Whether or not this is true has yet to be seen, but what is certain is that the internet isn’t going anywhere, and will only become more and more integral to our everyday lives as the technology improves.

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