Facebook Advertising – The New Way To Make Your Profile Grow

In the beginning, Facebook was just a site to connect with your friends and family. And a site to post and share your photos and everyday happening in life. But gradually, the number of people increased on Facebook, and Facebook became a site for promoting and advertising the products.

And businesses took great advantage of this feature, which Facebook provided and expanded their businesses worldwide and made huge profits. And since then, Facebook has become a great and top platform for promoting and advertising the products for new and old business ventures.

And if you are a person who runs a business, doesn’t big or small, or thinks of starting a business having a business page on Facebook is excellent, or I might say it is essential for your business.

Below are some tips if you want your Facebook page to reach countless potential customers worldwide.

Run Facebook ads

If you’re trying to have a Facebook presence for your business, then running ads is the best way to start. You can opt to run “engagement” ads, which helps decrease your brand’s invisibility on the social media site.

Although, any ad you will create will increase the number of followers. If the users like your ad content, they’ll engage with your ads and follow your page.

Invite people to check and like your page

Inviting people to like your business page on Facebook is the most authentic and easy way of increasing followers. And the first people you should be inviting your friends and family.

When you run an ad on Facebook, it asks you to give you notifications to invite people to like your page. It would be best to take care of the number of people you invite because when inviting manually, Facebook can block you. But if you run an engagement ad, you will likely get a higher number of people you can invite.

Having a small and targeted audience is better than a large audience so that the ads you publish do not lose the effectiveness and the future ads you will publish.

Create viral content

Many famous and popular pages are seen sharing memes, funny videos or gifs, hot topics quotes relatable to the page somehow.

Then are often seen tagging their friends, known in the post, which ultimately helps increase the engagement and number of users on your social media page.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any original content to share with the audience, and you can share the content created by other people but don’t forget to give credit to the creators.

Organize contests

Giveaways are another great of increasing traffic on your Facebook page. Hosting a giveaway contest tempts the users to take part in the contest for the rewards offered.

Create a Facebook giveaway contest using various internet tools, share those contests to niche Facebook groups or communities, and don’t forget your Facebook page.

I recommend you don’t limit only Facebook to share the giveaway contest to as many sites as you own like your other marketing channels and websites.

Create content that attracts attention

If you are determined to increase your page’s likes and followers, make sure your content stands out in the Facebook newsfeed. It works great if you already have the right amount of followers on your page.

The gif files are great for attracting the users’ attention; the gifs changes the look and feel of the post. While users are scrolling through their feed, they are likely to notice and engage in the content you shared if their eyes catch it.

It gives a unique look and feel to your posts and helps in increasing followers.

Add Facebook likes pop-up in your ad

If your foremost objective is to increase the Facebook likes on your page, you should create a Facebook-like pop-up at the end of the content you share.

There are tools available on the internet, which helps set a timer; if a person is on your website or page for a specific period, the pop-up asking to like your Facebook page appears.

Keep in mind that you don’t create too many pop-ups because it becomes frustrating for mobile phone users and makes them scroll away from your content.

Facebook live is also a great option

Facebook users are familiar with Facebook live videos because of some of the most viral videos. If you own a niche store and have a Facebook page about it, then Facebook live should be about general niche tips and help the customers.

For example, if you’ve added a new item into your store’s inventory and have been experimenting on something new, you can do a premiere of its first look on a Facebook live session. It helps increase followers if you declare that you will live stream always on a specific day of the week. The Facebook advertisement is so profitable that companies also buy Facebook page likesto boost the number of likes on the business page.

There is a section where all of the Facebook live videos are shown called Facebook live map; the more viewers your live stream attracts, your content will appear in their feed.

Above are great tips to increase your presence on Facebook, but here is a list of more of the tips to help you better.

  1. Try partnering with an influencer
  2. Get your page tagged by other Facebook pages
  3. Facebook like widget
  4. Add your pages link to your website if you have one

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