Boutique Hotels Mallorca – Home sweet home

Have you ever heard about Boutique Hotels? Not only an intimate and comfortable environment, but also a specific theme are the ways by which Boutique Hotels provide visitors with an elegant and unique space equipped for enjoy vacations as well as to create lasting keepsakes.

Sometimes, stressful situations lead to the need of having free time to unwind from job and recharge. Boutique Hotels arrange everything so that visitors do not have to worry about anything other than disconnecting from the frenetic rhythm of life today. Unlike other touristic destinations which do not ensure average standard of good services, Boutique Hotels are higher standard hotels which provide visitors with the luxury of full hotel amenities.

The small-scale concept of hotels (between 10 and 100 rooms) has lead to a deep intimacy as well as a personalised service. This is one of the reasons why Boutique Hotels are highly regarded as five-star lodging. Among their features, these hotels offer:

  • Roomy bedrooms with integrated well-fitted-
  • A restaurant furnished in the style of choice.
  • Sometimes, there are also broad gardens to explore.
  • Workers should not be ignored due to their undeniable assistance. A good deal is definitely the fundamental axis to ensure the pleasure of a well-earned rest.

As an affordable vacation get-away, Boutique Hotels include everything needed to provide visitors with high levels of comfort at all times during their stay. Whereas the unique feeling of weightlessness in pleasant calm and intimacy remains in the air.

Upon arrival at the hotel, visitors are able to enjoy delightful calmness, pleasant gastronomy and charming treatments of health and beauty in a luxurious resort that, as said before, sets specific themed decorations and activities.

In this sense, visitors value the high-quality menus as long as other hotels make use of catering service. Boutique Hotels take advantage of the small proportion of visitors that makes possible to include home-cooked meals. Those kind of details ensure a great place to chill out as well as a romantic atmosphere which is perfect for a romantic getaway or even to strengthen family ties.

What makes a boutique hotel unique?

Boutiques Hotels are commonly built on picturesque places like cultural or natural assets, historical or special sites or monuments, and heritage. In addition, these settlements are often surrounded by charming places like water ponds, farmed fields, small forests and hills, what it could be considered as a genuine feast for the senses.

Maybe this is the reason why Spain has joined this business opportunity by taking into account its cultural richness. Among the different tourist destinations that are available, one of the most representative choices is Summum Prime Boutique Hotel. Resources and vast experience are the ways by which this Boutique Hotel achieves a community-based approach and a top-rated customer satisfaction.

ThisBoutique hotel in Mallorcahas been built in a Mallorcan royal house which dates back to the 15th century. What once was the household of the wealthiest families of the place, it is now a means to bring closer the opportunity to live unforgettable experiences. Not only that but also visitors are able to enjoy the work of art of Francesc Parietti who painted a magnificent ceiling fresco at the hotel.

Boutique Hotels. An authentic experience to remember.

In order to enrich the experience, Boutique Hotels arrange everything so that visitor do not have to worry about anything but rest. Boutique Hotels’ decoration mixes an avant-garde and modern environment, shaping itself as the ultimate family destination that combine comfort, the most up to date technology and as a whole everything someone could wish for to enjoy a memorable holiday.

Personalised services, terraces with breathtaking views and an appetizing gastronomical proposal are some of the clues that lead to the development of a unique and unforgettable experience.

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