Going on a luxury cruise during your Indonesia holiday – is it worth it?

Whether you’re heading to the beautiful islands of Bali Or Komodo, or there’s another Indonesian spot where you’ll be mainly staying, during your first holiday to Indonesia, you should tick off the list a few other activities besides relaxation, swimming and sunbathing.

Island hopping has become one of the preferred options for tourists exploring this location, and perhaps you should think about going on a luxury cruise yourself – an experience that you might haven’t lived until now. Because booking a luxury cruise will add to your holiday expense, it’s important to understand just how this decision will positively influence your entire trip.

How can a luxury cruise actually improve your holiday in Indonesia? What will you get out of it? Here are a few of the main reasons travelers usually decide to book a spot on a great cruise adventure and why you should consider doing the same:

Luxury suites

Just because you’re leaving your hotel or resort and hopping onto a cruise ship, it doesn’t mean you’ll be giving up on the comfortable stay you were benefiting from during your first nights in Indonesia. Luxury cruises come with impressive accommodations options. 5-star suites are available, which will make your multi-stay cruising experience as pleasant as you prefer it to be.

As long as you choose the luxury option, your on-board overnight stay will not disappoint you. Today’s cruise suites are more refined than ever. Comfort has become a top-priority for stateroom designs. Besides being quite spacious, you’ll have all your necessities available, including high-end toiletries, air-conditioning and dressing tables. Luxury ships will cover every single one of your requirements.

5-star dining

The 5-star hospitality doesn’t stop at the amazing staterooms you’ll discover on the boat, world-class dining options being available, regardless of how many days your luxury cruise will consist of. Dinner with a view will make each one of your cruise nights unforgettable, and regardless of what type of meals you prefer, talented chefs will make sure you’ll be served with delicious food.

Culinary delights are available for luxury cruisers, these being part of the entire experience provided. If you have any special requests, luxury lines usually go the extra miles to satisfy your needs and requirements. Because great food is an important part of any holiday, cruise lines collaborating with 5-star restaurant chefs usually make sure their guests have plenty of choices at their disposal. If you’re traveling with your significant other, your cruise dinner dates will be by far the most enjoyable ones from your entire Indonesian vacation.

Unique snorkeling experience

A great holiday wouldn’t feel complete without a bit of adrenaline involved. While you’re island hopping, you should engage in some exciting activities that you might not have tried before. Indonesia is known for being one of the best destinations for diving and snorkeling, considered the home of 20% of the world’s coral reefs and crystal clear waters. With mesmerizing and colorful marine and fish life, and with intriguing shipwrecks, there’s no better place to engage in your first snorkeling adventure than Indonesia.

Adventure cruises usually come with flexible schedule. This means between shore stops, you’ll have the necessary time to go on a quick dip and get a taste of an authentic snorkeling experience. Some cruise lines include this type of activity in their offers, having equipment and a supervisor available. During your Indonesia liveaboard trip, you can thus explore underwater terrain and take advantage of some of the best snorkeling spots in the world.

Indonesian waters will present you with some fascinating hidden treasures, so you are definitely recommended to take up on this opportunity – many tourists choose to go on a luxury cruise for this particular reason as well.

Personalized itinerary

Because we’re talking about a luxury experience here, and not your average one day cruise, you will also have the possibility to opt for a personalized itinerary. Perhaps you have certain clear preferences, there are some spots you might not want to miss on, and on-board activities you want to try.

Some Indonesian cruise options accommodate a small, limited number of VIP passengers and provide increased schedule flexibility. If you prefer a more intimate setting, with a group of close friends, you will have the chance to book a private on-board getaway on a luxury ship. With luxury cruises, your preferences are always acknowledged and taken into consideration.

Spectacular views

While your resort on the island might already be mesmerizing enough, it will certainly not top the multiple spectacular views you’ll get to see on an island-hopping adventure. The impressive scenery cruising offers is one of the main factors that determine tourists to book this type of on-water travel in the first place.

Attentive service

Luxury means on-point service quality. You’ll have cruise staff available to meet your every single need at all times. Crew members will do their best to ensure you of a special and personal voyage. Throughout your multi-day cruising trip, you’ll have cabin stewards, bartenders and waiters ready to provide you with exceptional service quality.

Exclusive events

Going on a cruise also means partaking in some exclusive events. Dinner parties can be hosted at night, but on-shore events will also be available, depending on the itinerary for the day. Besides getting to know new people and local communities on Indonesian islands, you’ll also enjoy some exclusive and luxury events that will contribute even further to your holiday enjoyment. There’s something prepared for anyone’s taste.

Indonesia does have a lot to offer to traveler s wanting to explore beautiful surroundings, but if you want to take your vacation to new levels, going on a luxury cruise during your stay in Indonesia is certainly appealing. As you can see, an island hopping or adventure cruise can provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience and will certainly make your entire holiday more memorable. You have plenty of packages available, you just need to decide on an offer that suits your desires best.

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