State-of-the-art Technology which Help Casinos Catch Cheaters

If you are looking for the best-secured place on Earth, there is no other like a big casino with hundreds of cameras guard the gaming tables, attended by the best people. The security of casinos is so good that state agencies also consult with them. Let’s see what kind of toys protect the money of these companies.

Since people started betting with money, other people will try to cheat on it. According to the information provided by the Nevada Gambling Authority, there are more than 600 casino fraud cases each year. The casino staff themselves committed about 25% of these crimes.

Not surprisingly, the owners of these casinos invest millions of dollars each year in technology and experts to prevent such frauds.

All Seeing “Eye in Heaven”

The most crucial weapon in the never-ending battle with criminals is an incredibly sophisticated camera system. Larger gaming rooms have more than 1,000 cameras on the premises, which can watch any gaming table or slot machine from several angles.

All visitors are filmed entrancing the casino, and their photos are then sent to the face recognition system. In this way, the cheaters, blackjack card-counters and even so-called “whales”, who can lose millions of dollars in the evening, are known on the spot.

Because America is not only a country of freedom but also a land of lawsuits, casinos are starting to install so-called slip-and-fall software. Thanks to this program, computers can analyse walking and, above all, falls of visitors and recognise intentional from unwanted ones. The results of these analyses are then used in court proceedings.


However, the proverbial icing on the tracking system cake is the Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness (NORA) program, which in addition to casinos is used only by government security agencies such as the CIA or the FBI. This program then works with an algorithm that looks for connections between individuals.

In casinos, NORA is used to detect fraud, where the dealer and the visitor collusion against the casino. Thanks to this algorithm, the casino can determine that two people could live together on the same street in childhood, how many friends they have on social networks, or even if they shop in the same store.

Radio-frequency Identification

In the 1990s, the trick with counterfeit gambling chips began to be very common in Las Vegas casinos. As a countermeasure, casinos began to install individual radio chips in all casino chips with a higher value. These chips then transmit a unique radio signal that allows casinos to determine not only the value of the chip but also its exact location.

Identification of counterfeit chips is also very easy. When changing money, the chips go through a special reader, and those that do not contain the radio transmitter are counterfeit.

Mobile Signal Jammers and Monitoring Device Identifiers

Like casinos, criminals are still raising the bar and come up with better and more technologically advanced methods of cheating. These include, for example, micro cameras that can see dealers’ cards or mobile applications that can estimate the impact of a ball in a roulette wheel. In addition, mobile phones are an excellent way for scammers to talk to each other. Therefore, all large casinos use mobile signal jammers.

Some technologies can also deal with these micro cameras. All cameras make an inaudible sound to the human ear. But, it can be localised with a miniature device installed outside the game table. However, this method is rarely used in casinos. This is because other cameras often interfere with the identifiers.

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