Best Hotel Booking Website Designs for Inspiration

Wondering what the finest hotel booking web resources look like? Prepare yourself to be impressed with the most remarkable hotel reservation sites having rewards and guest recognition.

We’re presenting the top 3 platforms.

Badrutt’s Palace

That is one of the greatest hotel booking websites in Europe.

When you open the site, you see a video presentation making the first introduction of the facilities. The platform provides different videos on various pages. For instance, visiting the contact page users will enjoy a video featuring guest arrivals and nice doormen greeting them.

At first glance, the Badrutt’s Palace menu might seem to be too primitive, however, it provides everything guests will need. Let’s look closer at the menu options.

# Rooms and Suites

Obviously, future guests take advantage of such a feature to book a room they need for the dates they’re planning to stay at the hotel.

# Restaurants. Bars. Clubs

The hotel presents specific cultural activities it’s willing to provide. Users are happy to make certain reservations beforehand to plan their stay.

# Meeting and Celebrating

The mentioned hotel booking platform provides multiple reading materials on various topics. For example, one article tells how to arrange memorable celebrations of significant events at Badrutt’s Palace. Visitors can simply make one call to negotiate every detail.

# Wellness

The hotel provides a wide variety of activities for guests to have a great time. When it’s summertime, people enjoy swimming and fishing, biking and playing golf. For the winter period skiing serves as a nice outdoor activity, moreover, SPA is available all year round.

# Shopping

Additionally, to SPA treatments guests will enjoy shopping therapy as well, purchasing fashionable items of Gucci, Miu Miu, and the like.

Moreover, Badrutt’s Palace web resource includes the hotel history page and the contact details.

The success of the Badrutt’s Palace proves that the ideal hotel software development shall include the best possible integration of the above-mentioned characteristics and a few more unique features to create a truly fascinating hotel booking service.

And we’re proceeding to the next great hotel booking website.

La Fonda

La Fonda is another impressive hotel with a great online resource. The website is continuously broadcasting one video to present the hotel and its facilities. Such a colorful mini-movie is spectacular inspiring people to come and enjoy the place.

The interface of the service is very user-friendly and convenient. Its side panel shows the real-time weather conditions in San Francisco, and, as you can see, the social sharing options are right there as well.

The menu of La Fonda provides multiple solutions:

  • in-depth data on the hotel historical facts, awards, etc.
  • descriptions of every available room and the possibility to book one;
  • diverse specific services, like, “Bed and Breakfast”, “Artist-In-Residence” (the option to figure out if there are any celebrity guest stars in the house), special discounts, and the like;
  • multiple options as to food, drinks, and entertainment, say, room service, dining at the restaurant, lunch specials, and more;
  • SPA facilities, so every La Fonda’s visitor can take advantage of relaxing treatment;
  • the possibility to have the wedding ceremony and make unforgettable memories of such a magical event

Those are only the key options La Fonda provides. The hotel is truly exceptional, and its booking website is phenomenal.

We’re moving on to the following platform.

Bosco Alto SALENTO

Some people may consider the Bosco Alto solution to be too concise. Still, on the second thought and a closer look you’ll see that conciseness actually provides multiple perks. Such a layout doesn’t distract users by specific details and allows people to focus on what they need.

Key functionalities of the Bosco Alto website

  • The Masseria. The section provides a beautiful description of the facilities together with a wonderful presentation of all its services. Guests will be impressed with a lovely park, an amazing pool made of marble, a nice garden with orchids, and much more.
  • All Bosco Alto rooms are divided into categories, and different colors indicate what category a room belongs to. Rooms detailed description is provided as well.
  • IL Salento. The given section offers data on the location of the hotel with comprehensive descriptions of attractions nearby.
  • The platform is among the greatest hotel booking web resources, thus, it surely provides the ability to reserve rooms and services.
  • Room Charges. Visitors can learn all the details on the subject: how much specific room costs, why there’s such a price, and whether there could be any extra charges applied.
  • Where We Are. Guests need to know where physically the hotel is located, so the platform provides Google map data, detailed descriptions and the distance to the nearest cities.

We hope we managed to inspire you to develop great design creations.

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